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Mid- June 2018 - British Movement News and Views

Mid-June 2018
British Movement News and Views

Austrian Government to close seven mosques and to deport 
at least 60 Imams. 
Together with their families approximately 150 individuals will be deported, most to Turkey.
The Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz stated that Austria could no longer put up with,
"parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation..."
Wise words and actions - a start in the right direction which the British government should learn from.
Of course all the usual voices are being raised in protest, anti-racists, immigrant support organisations and multi-culturalists are whining about 'Islamaphobia', 'xenophobia' and 'racism'.  
But, the Austrians are only scratching the surface of a much bigger problem but they have to start somewhere - a small step and a much bigger task to follow.


The negotiations for the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, drags on and on. At every opportunity the opponents of Brexit both within the EU and here in Britain find some new point of policy or fine detail of an earlier contract to stretch out the process or challenge previously agreed terms.
Meanwhile in the corridors of the House of Commons, hostile ministers, obstructive civil servants and 'Whitehall mandarins' continue to seek new ways to undermine the Brexit campaign and many more champion the cause of a 'second referendum'.
That is one that they can rig to win.
The 'Daily Mail', correctly in our view, noted the role of the House of Lords in this strategy, the upper house being dominated by pro-EU peers and all keen to delay and disrupt the Brexit process; " all designed to stall, dilute or reverse the referendum result".
In an article in the 'centre-left-wing Guardian' newspaper on June 5th 2018, the anti-Brexit, pro- Eu journalist Polly Toynbee declared that it was, "Time to march. Because it's the Brexiters who are afraid."
Polly Toynbee is a long standing supporter of the Labour Party, a socialist and a multi-culturalist, who has campaigned against Brexit from the moment that the Leave Referendum result was declared. Toynbee believes that the numbers are in Remains favour, she eagerly points out the statistics conjured up by a host of pro-EU 
economists and political analysts; " the biggest gulf is between old and young voters; the retired and near-retired are still Brexiters, but by a margin of 65% to 35% working age voters put the economy ahead of leaving the EU."
Toynbee and those like her want to portray Brexit as a manifestation of 'old fashioned' ideas, of a generation clinging to a past image of Britain as a sovereign independent nation, when really the younger generations want to embrace an international, global, country, part of a One-world vision.
Staying in the EU is part of an internationalist world view.
Everything about the pro-EU/Remain strategy is geared to undermining the original Leave vote, casting doubt on the Leave campaign result, anything to destroy the credibility of Brexit. From constant media campaigns challenging the figures quoted by the Leave campaign, to claims that the Russian government and intelligence services somehow secured the Brexit result.
(Which is a bit rich given the likelihood that in the event of a second referendum the British security services will be briefed to ensure a remain result)

The June 2016 referendum result was a shock to the political establishment because they were certain that they would win. They will not make that mistake again.
The pro-EU, 'Remain' campaigners are certain that if they can force a second referendum on EU membership on the British people, they can win, by fair means or foul. The ridiculous situation in all this is that the Conservative government that is negotiating Britain's withdrawal from the EU is being led by a Prime Minister who campaigned for Remain during the referendum. How can PM Theresa May truly claim to be working for Brexit when she was opposed to it in the first place?
The Remain campaign were stunned when they lost the original referendum and have been calling for a re-match ever since. This time they will be better prepared, this time they will have all the tools of ballot rigging and electoral manipulation in place. 
Not only that, but the Remain campaign has now got the funding to fight a major propaganda war against Brexit, with powerful figures pulling the strings.
A host of anti-Brexit organisations are now in place, well resourced, well funded, with full time time paid staff teams running their campaign offices; hiding behind cheery names like 'Better for Britain'. But behind the scenes are arch-manipulators like former Prime Minister Tony Blair, ex-Labour Minister, now a Labour peer, Lord Peter Mandelson,
former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and of course helping to bankroll this conspiracy is the international, globalist multi-millionaire, George Soros.

If the Remain campaigners have their way Brexit will be betrayed.

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  1. EU has announced that they will look at building migrant holding camps in North Africa as well as in EU member states where migrants first arrive. IT`S ALL A LOAD OF OLD BULL AND A CON TRICK . Already Tunisia has said, no to camps in their countries. Will Spain. Malta, Italy and Greece build camps to possibly hold tens of thosuands of mainly young males from Africa and The Middle East? As we all know, most who arrive on EU soil remain for good.