Tuesday, May 1, 2018

End of April 2018 - BM Views and Opinions

End of April 2018
British Movement Views and Opinions

Exit Amber Rudd
Enter Sajid Javid
Still no good news for British Nationalism in the change of Home Secretary. 
Exchange one Home Office minister hostile to White British Nationalism for another hostile one. British Movement sheds no tears for the departure from the post of Home Secretary by Amber Rudd MP, an ideological opponent (sworn enemy) of National Socialism and White racial Nationalism. Only for Rudd to be replaced by the totally unacceptable figure of Sajid Javid in the senior post at the Home Office, he is ideologically, ethnically and religiously opposed to everything British racial Nationalists stand for...

Multi-cultural Madness
These are the lengths that the political Left
and neo-liberals will go to entrench multi-culturalism
in White society.
In a full page article in the 'Guardian' newspaper on Saturday April 28th 2018, it reveals how modern publishing companies now employ "experts" who are 'culturally sensitive' and 'racially sensitive' to edit manuscripts for new works of fiction in order to remove any references or dialogue that is not politically correct.

Think of George Orwell's classic novel '1984' and the government campaign for "Newspeak".

The general public are completely unaware of this kind of politically correct manipulation going on 'behind the scenes'. This kind of activity is politically and ideologically motivated as the neo-liberals and fellow-travellers seek new ways to influence opinions and shape public thinking.  Subtle roads towards brain-washing.

On the Streets of Ulster....

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  1. Well done to Ulster BM members and their sticker campaign

  2. Received latest issue of The British Movement magazine 'Broadsword' and its a jolly interesting read. Hopefully more people will purchase it

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