Thursday, May 31, 2018

British Movement End of May News Round-up.

British Movement End of May News Round-up

Pan-Nationalist Lee Rigby Memorial Parade
Chilton, County Durham
Saturday 26th May 2018

British Movement activists from across the North of England travelled to Chilton in County Durham to join with other British Nationalists and local patriots to honour the memory of Fusilier Lee Rigby.
The murdered soldier and his gruesome death on the streets of London at the hands of crazed jihadists
might have been forgotten by establishment politicians and the mainstream media, but not by those
who truly recognised what his death meant.

A Flute band and colour party leads the parade through the town

BM Yorkshire
Hike Across Ilkley Moor to the Swastika Stone
Sunday 27th May 2018

A Strength Through Joy cultural activity organised by BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District.
A hike across Ilkley Moor to the pre-historic carved boulders. the Swastika Stones. a registered ancient monument.

The white Rose flag of Yorkshire flanked between two BM Sunwheel flags in front of the Swastika Stone heritage site.

This is an all too familiar scene on the streets of Germany
Yet another migrant/refugee/asylum-seeker (delete as appropriate)
Being arrested for serious criminal activity
Current figures indicate at least 450 such arrests a day.

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  1. SNP desperate to bring in more Third World low-skilled immigrants and asylum seekers to boost their flagging support in Scotland. SNP lost 27 MP`s last May. They lost loads of Councillors last April and are a minority government, something Sturgeon forgets when she blasts Mrs May minority government for being so

  2. The Strength through Joy activity looks great. It must be wonderful to live near an active BM branch and by such stunning scenery.