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British Movement - News, Views and Opinions - January 2018 Episode 2.

BRITISH MOVEMENT - News, Views and Opinions
January 2018.  Episode 2.

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How the Neo-liberals Distort the English Language

In recent years there has been a major effort by neo-liberals and Leftists in the media and politics to re-shape the English language, a serious attempt to force a politically correct agenda onto all matters around the reporting of race, ethnicity and immigration.

Left-wing journalists and commentators prefer not to refer to immigrants communities or non-white communities, instead they refer to "BAME communities" which stands for "Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic"

No longer illegal immigrants but "undocumented migrants" or "migrants with unorthodox or undefined status".

For a real insight into how the politically correct evade plain speaking and distort spoken English consider this extract from an article in The Guardian newspaper on January 20th;
the journalist Decca Aitkenhead was interviewing Alexis Jay, who led the public inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham in 2016;
" when I ask about the Muslim men of Pakistani origin in Rotherham who were involved in child sex grooming, she (Alexis Jay) refers to them as,
" the minority ethnic grouping identified by many victims as part of the exploitation network."

When asked later in the same article about Pakistani Muslim men being 'over represented' in the Rotherham abuse cases Alexis Jay replies;
"The point about child sexual exploitation is that there's an over-
of certain minority ethnic groups compared to numbers in the general population."

Why can't these people just cut to the chase and try plain speaking?
Why not call a spade a spade? (or is that racist?)

Well in recent days the council in Woolwich, South-East London sent in a team of workmen who have removed the the 'unofficial' Lee Rigby memorial displays from railings at the site of the soldier's murder because it was deemed by the Borough of Greenwich to be "unsightly".

Fortunately angry patriots in South London organised to restore the 'unofficial' memorial and have decorated the railings with new flags, banners and poppy tributes to soldier Lee Rigby.

Image Below: British Movement propaganda in North Yorkshire

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