Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 - Responding to the Challenges and Taking the Movement Forward

Responding to the Challenges and Taking 
the Movement Forward

A recent message to NS Outlook suggested that we look towards putting out this blog on at least a weekly basis. Not a bad idea and it is a move that our small team of volunteers behind the BM Sunwheel Office and the assorted BM on-line listings would like to achieve.
We will endeavour to reach that desired output, but it can be time-consuming as one of our readers noted, and we rely on input from supporters out and across the United Kingdom and beyond. To expand this blog and others we need more appropriate images and art work sending through to us here as well as any relevant news stories, particularly anything that is locally significant to our campaigns but is being ignored by the national news media.
If it cannot be included in NS Outlook or on the blog BM-NS Voice, we will try to ensure that it is raised on the new monthly British Movement pod-cast on You Tube.
It is a fact that it is increasingly difficult to campaign on a National Socialist or Racial Nationalist platform in the UK, but that does not mean that the broader Movement should abandon the struggle or take a defeatist attitude. Doom and Gloom are not the way forward.
      In 2016 and 2017 the British Government, the Establishment political parties and their multi-culturalist and neo-liberal fellow travellers have tried very hard to silence what their tame media journalists persist in calling "the Far-Right".  Legislation has been passed to assist the authorities in stifling White British resistance to multi-culturalism and Third World immigration into Britain and Europe. There is increasing pressure on all internet and social media providers to deny Racial Nationalists and National Socialists an on-line voice.
These are the challenges that we face, but such oppression and suppression is nothing new,
our Cause has seen it all before and worse.
Our opponents can see that the sparks are flaring up and the fires are burning within our communities, they will try every dirty trick to stop the Phoenix of British National Socialism rising from the ashes of the old order.
We must be strong. Resilient. Roll with the punches and find new ways to express and spread our message. Defeat and compromise is not an option.

As this blog has said before and has been said in many British Movement publications.
Propaganda - Propaganda - Propaganda
Get the word out there. inform, awaken and educate our Folk.

British Movement pod-cast on You Tube

BM Sunwheel Office: 

Thanks to BM North Yorkshire for this image

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