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October into November 2017 - British Movement News & Views

British Movement News and Views
October into November 2017
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Heritage and Destiny
John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Preston - October 6th 2017
A successful meeting held this year on a Friday and despite being held on a week day was well attended and interesting. There was the usual range of sales stalls and British Nationalist organisations represented at an excellent venue.
Speakers at this event included the BM National Secretary, and BM activist and singer/frontman of the nationalist band Whitelaw, Benny Bullman.
Full credit to Heritage and Destiny for organising and hosting this event.

Annual General Meeting
October 28th 2017
Another successful gathering of BM activists and an enjoyable afternoon of good comradeship.
Contrary to the disinformation (Fake News) spread by an internationally funded, professional anti-racist organisation, the British Movement AGM was well attended with delegates from across the country. New projects were discussed and a programme set forward for the coming year.

British Movement Women's Division
After a lapse NS Outlook is pleased to report the return on-line of BMWD.
Check out

The team at the BM Sunwheel Office were saddened to hear of the death of West Midlands racial Nationalist and activist Paul Hickman.
Paul Hickman was the broadcaster behind the on-line radio 'Voice of Albion' and operated on the internet as 'Birmingham Nationalist'.
Ruthlessly hounded by self-styled anti-fascists, Paul lost his job and struggled to find work,
his political activism also drew on to him the unwanted attentions of the State and its agencies.
From what little information coming to us here, we are led to believe that Paul Hickman took his own life. A sad situation for someone still in their thirties and a loss to British Nationalism.


  1. Paul Hickman R.I.P. His struggle will NOT be in vain. Our ultimate VICTORY will be a tribute to him.

  2. R I P Paul you were a good comrade

    Keith Axon

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    1. Didn't know you Comrade but Odin Speed To Valhalla


  5. Sorry to hear about Paul, I met him once or twice over the years at various Nationalist functions. R.I.P...

  6. Very sad to hear this news. I knew Paul but hadn't been in contact for a while. A dedicated activist who'd had more than his fair share of difficulties. Hail. Phil.

  7. I knew Paul from the B'ham/Black Country BNP days. I cannot believe yet another White Nationalist has taken his own life, through the strees and pressure of living undet ZOG.

    I hope we succeed, or everyone has worked for literally nothing.


  8. Another sad loss as a direct result of the Stalinist UK police, not the first and Paul most certainly won't be the last. We need to build a counter culture offering employment, housing and oppertunity to comrades currently in the mire and poverty of drugs and unemployment, I have been the victim of having lost a job and family as a result of the media, personally I found little in the way of support from "the movement", this is something the BM needs to look at.

    RIP Paul, see you in Valhalla brother.

  9. Paul Hickman Rest in Peace

    H & D article - ITV Spends Fortune on Pointless 'Infiltration' of H & D meeting:


  11. I enjoyed his radio show. Everything I heard about the guy suggested he was a sound working class lad.

    RIP mate.

  12. I would really encourage everyone to buy a copy,or better still a subscription,to A New Awakening.

    I have been really impressed with the quality of writing and articles in the issues I have read.

    BM SEL are to be congratulated on this.

    I would also ask that when you finish with your copy you pass it on to someone who may be interested in what BM has to offer.

  13. Keep up the Fight Nationalism is picking up momentum throughout Europe. Europeans are beginning to awake to the Zionist / NWO Master plan! Hail Victory from Loyalists in Ulster, hands across the water. L.V.F U.F.F

    1. National Socialism has nothing in common with the sectarian murder squads you seem to support.

    2. I like your thinly-veiled attack on C18 their - grow up mate!

  14. Oh.... Being from across the pond the connection between the likes of C18 and NF were Huge in the 80s and 90s, Fact! Obviously not as much now because one is virtually disbanded in the UK and the other isn't far behind unfortunately. Also not to mention the amount of support ISD give to the folk in Ulster and certain organisations. But sure we'll move on from that.

  15. News to me fella - when is the NF going to be disbanded?