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July Into August 2017- Summer news and views

July into August
Summer 2017 
BM News and Views

British Movement South East London
July 22nd 2017

A successful afternoon meeting attended by BM activists from various regions of the country alongside local members and comrades from Kent BM.
The meeting was followed by an evening gig where several bands including the ever-popular Whitelaw entertained a good sized crowd.
As part of BM SEL's ongoing NS Welfare programme, money raised at the afternoon meeting was donated to a local care for the elderly event. (£125 donated); meanwhile money raised at the evening gig was presented to the widow and family of a regional supporter recently killed in a road traffic accident.

A New Awakening the publication of British Movement South East London
Now 20 pages.

British Movement North Yorkshire & County Durham
Across the Summer months staging a number of Strength Through Joy outdoor events and Blood and Soil activities; organised walks and visits to important historical and cultural sites.

A group of BM NY & Co. D. activists also attended the BM SEL meeting in July and visited some of the tourist attractions in central London. (See pics below)

It has now been over a year since the British electorate voted on Britain's membership of the European Union and a over 17.4 million voted to leave the EU -  so BREXIT.
But the Conservative government dithers over the details, some Tory ministers and MP's had voted to remain and a hardcore of Labour, Liberal-Democrat and SNP politicians are still actively campaigning against Brexit.
The mainstream British media continue to seek to undermine the Brexit vote and pushes stories that strengthen the case for a 'soft' Brexit or even a second referendum.
And yet the same media ignores the political voices from mainland Europe that also want to leave the European Union.
The latest voice comes from Bulgaria - sounds somewhat unlikely but is true....

Above: Front page story in 'Big Ben' the Bulgarian language newspaper for the Bulgarian community living and working in London. Bulgarian nationals are voting for Bulgaria to exit the EU.

Campaigning along the South Coast resorts and Wessex

As NS Outlook goes out it seems that Facebook have once again 'removed' the SDBM site because of its pro-White British and NS content.

Now available from the BM Sunwheel Office

BROADSWORD Magazine is £3 per copy - make payable to BROADSWORD
or to 'NS Press UK'.

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