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British Movement News, Views and Opinions -June and July 2017

British Movement News, Views and Opinions
June and July
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Summer Solstice
June 21st 2017

The Summer Solstice was honoured and celebrated by BM groups up and down the UK.
A traditional Aryan ritual which we cannot allow to be forgotten.
BM Northern Region Summer Camp
 June 23rd to 25th 2017
Unfortunately this year the BM Northern Region was unable to secure a suitable site to hold the
 BM Sunwheel Festival.
However BM activists from all areas of Yorkshire and the North East of England took part in a weekend summer camp in rural North Yorkshire.
Good comradeship, conversation and the opportunity to take in some of the historic and cultural sites in the area.

June 2017   Bilderberg Conference
Chantilly, Virginia
A strange silence grips the mainstream media around the subject of the Bilderberg conferences, particularly in regard to the BBC and ITV news outlets. Odd that, given that certain key British political and business figures were in attendance; Lord Andrew Adonis, the former Labour Party minister and former Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne, (now editor of the London Evening Standard), being just two of note.

Time for the Home Office to Take a Serious Look
at Left-Wing Extremism
The Home Secretary Amber Rudd and her assorted Home Office agencies have become very focussed of late on so-called 'Far-Right' extremists and extremism.
If the Home Office is so concerned about the threat of domestic terrorism outside the ranks of Islamic militants and jihadists, perhaps the government should spend some time, money and anti-terrorism resources looking at the violent Left-wing fringes, especially militant anti-racists and anarchists.
NS Outlook suggests that MI5, Special Branch and the assorted anti-terrorist agencies take a long hard look at the following recent outbursts;
Hamburg -  The G20 riots
Pure domestic terrorism on the streets of this German city- British militant leftists and Black Flag/ Black bloc anarchists took part. The British anti-fascist network has strong, established links to these violent European left-wing extremists.
Ross Kemp: Extreme World
As well as the usual Ross Kemp (I am such a hard man), shock, horror, investigation into violent sub-cultures and political fringes recently travelled to the USA. For once TV documentary actually looked at the rise of armed Black Militants in Texas, the resurrected Black Panthers and other Black militia groups sprouting out of the Black Lives Matter protests.
Of course Kemp had to interview White Power militants in the NSM and KKK, as well as 'investigating' the White Lives Matter' demonstrations.
However, the PREVENT agency and MI5 might like to spend some time looking at UK Leftist links to the groups in Texas - USA anti-Fa (armed and dangerous)  and the openly communist Red Guards.
Ross Kemp himself was actually threatened by gun carrying Red Guards and anti-Fa thugs because they saw a White man with a shaven head and mistook the poseur reporter for a White Rights activist.
NS Outlook was amazed to see footage of armed communists on the streets of a city in Texas,
Red Guards carrying red Hammer and Sickle flags and loaded automatic rifles in broad daylight at a political protest. The ghosts of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan must be spinning in their graves!



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