Tuesday, June 27, 2017

British Movement News and Views - Follow-up - June 2017

JUNE 2017
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*** This BM blog report was held back while other BM news updates were being put forward in response to the barrage of national news media and government statements and hysteria broadcast in the aftermath of the Finsbury Park mosque incident.

June 10th 2017
Pan- Nationalist Meeting
Organised jointly by British Movement - South Yorkshire and the National Front.
Speakers at the meeting reflected the level of co-operation between different organisations;
the speakers were Richard Edmonds(NF), Andrew Brons the former BNP MEP, Kevin Bryant (NF) and the BM National Secretary Steve Frost.
This was a good meeting held in a good venue and the audience was made of people from a range Nationalist organisations reflecting a range of views and ideological positions.
Nevertheless, all opinions were listened to and respected, recognising that there are areas of common interest and that shared platforms such as this meeting can be useful conduits for advancing the racial Nationalist message.

June 17th 2017
March Against Islamic Hatred
This march through the city centre of Manchester was very much a pan-Nationalist event and drew support from a wide number of Nationalist, racial Nationalist and patriotic organisations.
A number of British Movement activists joined this protest to both observe and report on the demonstration and the effectiveness of the turn out.
Certainly there were groups and individuals taking part that BM would not wish to engage with, but the protest carried a powerful message, especially in the wake of the jihadist attack on Manchester Arena.
Predictably the usual anti-racist and anti-fascist circus turned out to oppose the protest and to
'defend diversity'.
Where were 'Anti-Fa when the bomber struck?  Or did they approve of his 'radical action'?
Meanwhile in the ancient region of Wessex
Southern Division British Movement

British Movement street activities in Weymouth and Bournemouth

Southern Division BM is now actively taking the British National Socialist message into the towns and villages of Dorset and Hampshire - unfortunately the SDBM Facebook site has been forcibly closed down by Facebook but SDBM consider that to be a temporary setback.
According to recent Red Cross figures: -
So Far In 2017 More Than 70,000 illegal migrants have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe.
The British Media Might Ignore The Story But The Migrant Crisis Has Not Gone Away.

British Movement contact details:
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  1. What street activities were taking place I Weymouth/Bournemouth? or was it just a photo opportunity to stand with a flag? When will BM rise to the occasion?
    Activities in Hull turned out half a dozen guys,, A gig with beer and music will draw scores of BM activists. Is this the NS way you want to carry on?
    These recent attacks by the vermin jihadists should be our time to draw on people's fears and move in to offer support to our brothers stuck in the multicultural hell holes. 14w

    1. We have just had this comment pointed out.
      The Weymouth/Bournemouth images were not a photo-opportunity. According to a Wessex BM activist the photographs were taken while BM activists were leafleting the town centre shopping crowds. The image at the local war memorial followed a BM wreath laying by a group of local BM activists.

  2. Its not unique to BM that some members prefer social events to political activities, I guess the problem is if they do nothing else. The radical right in the UK in tiny and because of a change in the political climate can't suddenly launch itself on the streets, NA proved that 'street theatre' is good fun but apart from some publicity in the gutter press doesn't have a lasting impact. I think the Movement needs to spread its propaganda far and wide as its been doing and maybe recruit a more serious kind of member. I like the contact list, hopefully this can be spread all over the country.

  3. I would have been interested in the Manchester march but didn't want to stand alongside the 'Gays Against Sharia' group and Jew-lover 'Tommy Robinson' (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) who were organising it!

  4. I think any and every chance to display the movement's banners or materials is not necessarily a "photo oppertunity" rather a sign to fellow Brits that not all are slaves to multicultural democracy and there is a REAL alternative. I do agree that gigs and booze is all too often the more attractive and enticing alternative for many as opposed to any purposeful activity designed to strike a chord with the public.