Wednesday, April 19, 2017

APRIL 20th - National Socialist Day


British Movement - the British National Socialist Movement offers a salute to all National Socialists on April 20th 2017.
In 2017 - National Socialists and racial Nationalists across the White World will mark the day - April 20th - the birthday of the Man Against Time.
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's birthday April 20th is celebrated by National Socialists worldwide today in 2017
the salute to his memory has never ended just as the flame of National Socialism continues to burn.
National Socialist Pride
World Wide

The Flame That Never Dies!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Reality of the Channel Coast 'Refugee' Camps

The Reality of the Channel Coast
'Refugee' Camps

Dunkirk 'Refugee' Camp Burned Down During Conflict Between Kurds and Afghans
How Often Do Liberal and Leftists Claim That The Refugees and Asylum-Seekers Are Just "Desperate People Fleeing War Zones For Safety and a Better Life" ???
If so why are conditions in the refugee squatter camps routinely described by journalists as being too dangerous for women and children?
Amongst the bleed-heart appeals to allow the illegal migrant children into Britain, came this
admission from Labour MP Yvette Cooper,
"We have warned for months about the dangerous Dunkirk camp, the violent and unsafe conditions and huge risks for children stuck there alone without parents or guardians."
Even mainstream journalists admit that in the Dunkirk camp there was conflict between
 rival ethnic groups. One media report stated that;
" After the closure of the Calais site, the Dunkirk camp has become increasingly overcrowded, and the difficult living conditions have led to escalating disputes between nationalities."
Those migrants, who the media and pro-refugee organisations routinely describe as fleeing violence and torture in Third World war zones, seem to resort to direct violence against other migrants without to many qualms about the consequences...the same media report noted that some of the injured at the Dunkirk camp had stab and slash wounds from knives.
"The fire followed an outbreak of violence between Kurdish and Afghan residents of the camp,..... most of the injuries were sustained in the fighting. Officials believe that the fire was the result of an arson attack."
NOT an Arson Attack by Evil White Racists though.....
the arson attacks were carried out by rival migrants....
"Several men said they had seen people deliberately spilling oil from the cooking stoves that were in most of the huts and setting fire to them...... They told the women and children to get out, and they set the huts alight."
And the Pro-Refugee organisations like Open Borders and the Safe Passage organisation want to let these people into Britain !
The news media in Britain regularly trots out sob stories about frightened children living in squalid squatter camps along the Channel coast, with images of small children travelling without parents, desperate to reach relatives in the UK, and media demands for the government to allow them into Britain under the so-called 'Dubs amendment scheme'.
But the 'children' are often not the cowering youngsters the media likes to portray....
An article in the left-leaning 'Guardian' on Wednesday April 12th 2017 admitted that,
"because unaccompanied asylum-seeking children tend to be over 16, they are often placed in supported housing,"
The same article quoted the following figures too...
"In the year to September 2016, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (illegal immigrants under the age of 18) made 3,144 applications (to live) in the UK - a 15% increase on the year before. The largest number came from Afghanistan - 783 , while 435 were Iranian and 426 Albanian.
Hang on a minute !
The leftists keep telling us that these people are fleeing war zone conflicts...
So exactly what war zone conflicts are troubling Iran and Albania to create child refugees?
The neo-liberals who champion the asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants have invented a whole new set of words to soften the image of the migrants and illegals they seek to allow into Britain and Europe.
Illegal Immigrants become "undocumented migrants"
Illegal immigrants under the age of eighteen become "unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (and are given the acronym - UASC)

We can be sure that after the deliberate destruction of the Dunkirk camp and the rumours that another illegal squatter camp is being built outside Calais, there will be fresh appeals to allow illegal immigrants into Britain...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Racial Nationalists Under Media Attack (Again)

White Pride Rally
March 25th 2017
Nice to see a few BM Sunwheel flags brightening up the day