Saturday, November 19, 2016

Into November 2016 - British Movement News & Opinions


Our previous NS Outlook blog reflected on November being the month of Remembrance and across the country British Movement activists attended parades and commemorations for Britain's war dead.
Predictably the media and mainstream political parties have tried to turn this essentially British tradition into something 'multi-cultural'.
Most television and national radio stations, especially the BBC,  ran stories about the "contributions" made to the war effort in the First World War and the Second World War by black and Asian servicemen and women. Great emphasis was made that 'they' played their part too and that Remembrance Sunday and the wearing of the red poppy should be 'inclusive'.
Black and Asian school children in particular were told that they too should be proud because their fore-bearers also served and fell in Britain's wars, it was only racism in the past that had 'hidden' the great contribution that blacks and Asians had made to Britain's victories.
Liberal educators blame "Euro-centric" history for not acknowledging the part played by Africans, West Indians, Chinese and Indians in the Great War or other 20th Century conflicts.
While it is true that non-white troops and labour battalions were recruited from across the countries of the British Empire, the losses amongst non-whites in the Great War cannot compare with the massive blood sacrifice given by the British Pals Battalions and county regiments, an entire generation of the British White working-class was devastated by losses and wounding in the First World War, huge swathes were lost from the so-called 'officer class'.
 Without doubt the White British are rightly remembered for all OUR wars and sacrifices
on Remembrance Sunday.
We must not let the multi-culturalists and neo-liberals highjack this part of OUR heritage.

Remembrance Sunday
November 13th 2016
British Movement South East London in Whitehall
paying due respects to Britain's Fallen.

 South Wales British Movement
Pay their respects to the Fallen in Wales

It is worth noting that amongst the many commemorations attended by British Movement activists and supporters, some chose carefully as to which events they supported.
A BM Thames Valley activist chose to attend a smaller ceremony in West Reading because the main parade in Reading proper was being overseen by the town's Pakistani mayor.


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