Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 2016

Once again France and the French people reap the grim
rewards of being a multi-racial, multi-cultural society.
The Leftists and liberals plead for unity, cohesion and to defend diversity, but what has diversity brought to France?
The Left are terrified that the indigenous French people are going to turn against the Arabs, North Africans and African Muslims in France, that the 6 million Muslims in France will be viewed as a 'Fifth Column' for the jihadists.
But it is not Breton fisherman or farmers from Normandy who are leaving to fight in Syria or are carrying out terrorist attacks in mainland France.
As with Britain and the rest of Western Europe, France must grasp the nettle and close its borders to further Third World settlers and colonists, and root and branch begin a programme of repatriation and reverse immigration.

BM Propaganda Display in North Yorkshire


Police raids and over 60 arrests of anti-immigration Facebook group.
'Democratic Government' in action - silencing social media opposition to Merkel's immigration policies. The heavy hand of state dealing with those guilty of "Thought-Crimes."
The real face of 'Democracy' - identity hidden behind a mask - German 'Security forces' in action

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  1. Agreed, stop immigration - start repatriation. Although Hitler was friendly towards the Muslim anti-jewish world and there were Islamic Bosnian, Albanian and Arab anti-communist volunteer divisions and units in the Waffen SS, he wouldn't have wanted millions of them in Germany, which is the case today! (The NSDAP was opposed to non-German immigration and for deportation of aliens).

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  3. Very sad news in Yorkshire today, 17th July 2016 St.Alexis Day, the first mosque opened in York. Let's hope it is the last for this blood thirsty cult.