Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DOVER - April 2nd 2016 - The Pan-Nationalist Campaign on the Streets

Saturday April 2nd 2016

 A pan-Nationalist activity once again brought the anti-immigration message into the town.
Under the White Cliffs of Dover
BM activists were there

An Act of Provocation
Typical Left-wing Media Attention Grabbing Stunt on the night before the protest
This provocative slogan was projected onto the cliffs above Dover.
A number of media outlets appeared to be overjoyed at the appearance of this slogan..
What kind of mentality or personal politics do these journalists have?

The White Cliffs of Dover will not be symbolically white for much longer if the anti-racists behind this stunt get their way..

The Ghost of a Once Mighty Productive Industry
Meanwhile the Conservative Government Scrambles to Sell Off the Remnants of the Once
Proud and Highly Skilled British Steel Industry
Many times before NS Outlook has highlighted the number of strategic and key British industries that are not in fact British owned but were sold on the international markets to overseas cartels, foreign companies and global investment corporations.
The image of a Tory Cabinet Minister, Sajid Javid, scuttling with the begging bowl from one Indian multi-billionaire to another in order to save a vital British industry would be laughable if it were not so tragic.  The hands of thousands of British jobs rest in the hands of and the negotiating skills of the son of a Pakistani immigrant!
How far have the British fallen?
This is not just about Port Talbot - it is also about steel operations and sites in Scunthorpe, Rotherham, York, Redcar, and remnant sites in Shotton, North Wales and Scotland.
The much trumpeted trade unions, eager supporters of the Labour Party and Left-wing causes, always keen to throw money at multi-culturalism and diversity in Britain, but exactly how many steel industry jobs have the over-paid trade union bosses and their leftist career trade unionist officials actually saved?

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  1. Dover was great! The march started off fairly small but was joined by locals en route. It's hilarious how the Reds tried to rationalise their defeat into some kind of 'victory'. They failed to stop us, got nicked and made such a bad impression that even the local Tory MP doesn't want them back!

    Enjoyed every minute of it!!