Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Great Refugee Invasion Continues - Winter Does Not Stop Them

The Great Refugee Invasion Continues
Even Winter Weather Does Not Stop Them
More Boats Illegally Cross From Turkey To Greece
Despite All the Promises Made by Turkey to the European Union
People Smugglers Continue to Operate Openly From Turkey
The British media continues to present the asylum-seekers and refugees in sympathy inducing stories, sad reports of drowning families, struggling, freezing columns trudging across Europe in driving rain, and huddled, desperate people in the squalid squatter camps around the Channel Ports.
Meanwhile appeals to government by the road haulers organisations about unacceptable violent attacks on British HGV drivers by gangs of refugees around Calais and Dunkirk are played down.
Stories of riots by hundreds of refugees storming onto the ferries at Calais are quickly dropped from the news headlines. The violent murder of a refugee centre support worker in Sweden, stabbed to death by a 15 year old Afghan asylum-seeker was swiftly taken off BBC news bulletins.
Instead the media is going into over drive denouncing the Danish government for actually daring to pass new laws that will take valuables off refugees entering Denmark to help to pay for their welfare costs. The multi-culturalists in Britain's media are horrified that Denmark is actually trying to discourage refugees from entering Danish territory.
January 27th - the Annual Bombardment of 'Holocaust Memorial Day'
Once again the British people have had their annual reminder of the "horrors of the Holocaust".
The British media slavishly broadcast, printed and published yet another round of stories of survival, the testimonies of 'Holocaust survivors' and where the old survivors had passed away there were interviews with sons, daughters and the grandchildren of survivors.
Last week the Department of Education received a sharp rebuke from assorted Holocaust organisations that more money needed to be spent on 'Holocaust Education' in British schools.
The media were reminded that in the United Kingdom teaching the history of the Holocaust is compulsory as part of the national curriculum and the subject had to be properly funded and resourced, no matter what austerity cuts were happening to other areas of education.
Meanwhile on January 27th, Holocaust Memorial Day quietly swung into full operational mode.
On one BBC report the daughter of a now deceased Holocaust survivor recalled how her late father had endured the war years in Poland, surviving time in not one, not two, not three, but seven, yes seven different concentration camps, including time at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
This year the plight of present day refugees and asylum-seekers pouring into Europe is being used to remind the British public about the refugees of the 1930's , the Jews fleeing persecution in Europe.
Assorted liberal and Left-wing commentators are demanding that the British government should remember the 'Kinder transport' of the late 1930's where thousands of Jewish children from Germany and Austria were allowed to enter Britain and settle permanently in the UK.  Now these voices are demanding that thousands of refugee children currently living in squatter camps in France should be allowed to enter Britain and settle permanently. Prime Minister David Cameron is actually considering the importation of 3,000 unaccompanied Syrian and Afghan refugee children from camps and centres in Europe.
In such times of government imposed austerity, the draconian cuts to social services, the struggling
National Health Service, shortage of housing and school places, where does Cameron propose to find the money to home, educate and provide health and dental care to those 3,000?
If the multi-culturalists get their way this influx will not stop at 3,000 as a one-off scheme.
Any settlement of so many non-English speaking children on a permanent basis will mean years of extra spending on specialist services not to mention their impact on British culture and the genetic make up of the British population.
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  1. Denmark is doing the right thing. Would a real refugee have more than £1000 with them anyway?

  2. It was great to see so many BM Sunwheel flags at the Dover March Against Immigration yesterday. The Red scum got smashed. Well done lads and lassies!