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January 2016 - British Movement Opinions

January 2016
British Movement Opinions

The British Steel Industry - The Great Sell Out
  In the last few weeks we have seen the latest great sell out of the last remnants of the British steel industry in South Wales, Tee-side and North Lincolnshire.
 Steel manufacturing is a strategic industry, vital in times of war and international crisis.
The British steel industry has been sold out over the past three decades by successive British governments both Conservative and Labour.
Ever since the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher the assorted steel plants, rolling mills, furnaces and foundries of the British steel industry have been sold off to foreign buyers.
It has only been British steel because it was made in the UK; the production, control and selling was in the interests of overseas companies and share holders. The steel industry in Scotland was killed off several years ago, now the biggest steel complex in South Wales at Port Talbot is going; Redcar, Middlesbrough and Scunthorpe are history. Vital skills, industrial knowledge and processing plants lost forever. Meanwhile cheap Chinese steel floods world markets and British companies buy cheap steel from overseas. A great sell out of British workers and a vital industry.
 And what of those great allies of the Labour Party and the political Left, the much vaunted Trade Unions? Exactly how many jobs in steel have the unions saved? How many closures have the unions prevented? I am sure that the union dues have been paid by steel workers and collected by their unions, so what have they got for their money?
 In the late 1970's the British Movement National Chairman of the time, Mr Mike McLaughlin addressed an open air BM meeting in the East End of London where he pointed out that the Britain and the British people were being sold out by what he called "the rotating dictatorship" of Labour and Conservative governments. The only difference between these 'democratic' parties was that the Labour Party was prepared to give Britain away while the Tories would sell Britain for the best possible price they could get. Over the years the British steel industry is an excellent example of such a sell out.
 A British National Socialist government would never have allowed such a strategically important industry to decline, suffer lack of investment and modernisation, be undercut by foreign competition, nor sold to overseas ownership.
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