Tuesday, December 15, 2015

British Movement News and Views - December 2015 -

British Movement News & Views
December 2015
 Into the Yuletide Season - the struggle continues...
The French Elections and the undermining of the Front National's second round election campaign demonstrates how a so-called "representative democracy" really operates. It is exactly the same process in Britain which is why British Movement does not enter into the rigged game of the election system.
As the Front National found to its cost, as soon as a well organised populist Nationalist political party begins to gain ground in the election process the Establishment parties collude to exclude them by tactical voting. As far as the French Establishment were concerned,  it did not matter that a majority of indigenous French voters supported the Front National at the ballot box.
What matters is that the dominant system political parties hold onto power.
They make the rules - they control the game.
 This is the same system in the UK and most 'democratic' countries in Europe.
 Every Picture Tells A Story.........
 Late Addition
Northallerton - North Yorkshire
November 14th 2015

Orange Order parade to the War Memorial in Northallerton
North Yorkshire BM activists distributed BM "Lee Rigby" leaflets, well received

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