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The Migrant Crisis in Calais and Dover - Public Opinion is Shifting - Resistance to Immigration is Growing

The Migrant Crisis in Calais and Dover
Public Opinion is Shifting
Resistance to Immigration is Growing
Ordinary British People are Starting to Resent the 'Swarm' of Migrants

Following hard on the heels of the media images of boat loads of illegal immigrants crossing the Mediterranean to gain entry into Europe, the British public are now being entertained by images of illegal migrants storming the Channel Tunnel and cross Channel ferry ports.
These news stories refuse to go away and even those individuals with their heads buried in a daily diet of TV soap operas, quiz shows and so-called reality TV are starting to wake up to the fact that Britain and Europe are being invaded by the surplus populations of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Illegal immigration has reached such a pitch that it dominates the news bulletins and other media services, it is a crisis that cannot be ignored especially as the direct impact hits South-East England.
Lines of commercial trucks and lorries standing idle on the motorways and A roads of Kent as 'Operation Stack' shuts down the cross Channel road haulage industry. The Channel Tunnel is repeatedly closed and trains stop running. The pressure now spills over to affect the villages and communities beyond Dover and the Channel ports.

The reality that the ordinary British public have to face is that this crisis will not go away.
This is not a temporary situation, the human tidal wave from the Third World and the wars in the Middle East will not stop next week, next month or next year. This constant pressure from economic migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees (both real and phoney) will go on for years if not decades.
The plus side for British and Western European National Socialists and racial Nationalists is that the migrant crisis is finally hitting people hard and is forcing the silent majority to face up to the situation in terms of race, ethnicity and the future of our nations.
 In Italy the anger of the indigenous Italian people is growing, so far this year, over 80,000 migrants have entered the country by either landing on its shores, illegally entering overland, or have been rescued from sinking ships and boats in Italian waters.
When the authorities trying to disperse migrants across Italy brought a bus carrying 19 migrants into the Rome suburb of Casale San Nicola, the locals physically halted the bus and riot police had to be called to stop the demonstration.

A French Nationalist poster reflects a growing shift in public opinion across Western Europe.
  The Political Left and the Neo-liberals are trying to fight back.
Defenders of Multi-culturalism are desperate to generate sympathy and support for the migrants in Calais and the illegal immigrants trying to enter the UK.
The political Left in both Britain and Europe are trying to build a campaign of sympathy for the migrants. Together with their liberal allies they know that the constant flow of negative news reports is generating resentment and hostility to migrants amongst the indigenous populations.
The multi-culturalists realise that this hostility could wreck their multi-racial social engineering agenda and undermine their globalist/internationalist programme. A broad rejection of continued mass immigration and asylum for Third World refugees is growing not just in countries like Britain, France, Italy and Hungary, but also in countries where mass settlement of so-called refugees has traditionally been unopposed; in Sweden, Denmark and Norway the public opinion is shifting.
For once the Swedish people are questioning the wisdom of their government's open door policies towards refugees and asylum-seekers, there are serious questions being asked about Swedish cities being colonised; about ghetto districts where people live, work and never learn to speak Swedish;
where disproportionately foreigners seem to commit the most crimes,  and towns where indigenous Swedes are becoming an ethnic minority  in their own country.
The Left are starting to worry and are piling on the pressure to present immigrants in a positive light, and where that does not happen they present cries for help, appeals for sympathy and assistance for the Third World's dispossessed.
A typical response by Left-wing activists
The anti-racists and liberals ignore the illegal aspects of migrant activity and seek to whip up sympathy for the 'illegals'.
The multi-culturalists have realised that their politically motivated 'progressive' dream is rapidly turning into the West's nightmare and they know that when the crisis bites the ordinary people, the indigenous White population of Britain and Europe will look to those who have always opposed immigration and multi-racialism for a solution.
Only those political forces with a radical solution will appeal to those who have woken up to the Invasion nightmare.
This crisis will not go away, but it might just be enough to jolt the average 'Joe or Jill Public' out of their apathy and force them to open their eyes to this threat to their way of life and their children and grandchildren's future.
British Movement will continue to beat the drum against Third World immigration into Britain, to use this situation to build opposition to multi-culturalism and a multi-racial society.
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