Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rotherham - July 2015 and other matters

Saturday July 18th 2015
Thoughts and Images
 A number of BM activists joined other racial Nationalists in the centre of Rotherham for the protest.
This was reported briefly on the previous NS Outlook blog.
The BM team handed out anti-grooming gang leaflets and made sure that the BM Sunwheel flags were displayed during the demonstration.
This is not just about the dreadful child-sex exploitation scandal that has rocked Rotherham over that became public knowledge last year. The focus on Rotherham is far more important because the unhappy town has become a potent symbol of all that is wrong in modern British society; the child-sex exploitation of underage and vulnerable White British girls by Asian men developed out of the multi-racial community that post-1948 immigration into Britain has created. Multi-culturalism as a liberal, leftist experiment created the conditions that set this evil in motion. Political correctness and political corruption hid the crimes and failed the victims. The death grip of the entrenched Labour Party in Rotherham and across South Yorkshire facilitated the cover-up and South Yorkshire police were culpable at every level in the failure to arrest and prosecute the offenders while criminalising many of the victims and their families.
Rotherham is the victim and is a symbol of what we oppose.
A BM activist shows the Sunwheel flag on the streets of Rotherham
BM activists taking part in the Rotherham protest on Saturday
BM anti-grooming leaflets were handed out to members of the public
The Metropolitan Police Decide That New Recruits Must Be Able To Speak More Than One Language - The Ability To Speak English Is No Longer Enough
The Metropolitan Police have announced a new 'culturally sensitive' initiative, and Scotland Yard has announced a pilot project for new recruits to the 'Met'. A month long pilot scheme sets a new criteria for aspiring police constables serving in London, they must have a second language.
 Scotland Yard says that,
" it will help police engage with London's diverse communities as effectively as possible."
 To be considered for recruitment applicants must be able to communicate in English and also be fluent in an additional language, one of 14 specific languages are listed;
Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Arabic, Yoruba (spoken in Nigeria), Sinhala (spoken in Sri Lanka),
Hebrew or one of the following European languages: Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, German, or Portuguese.
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  1. So another backhanded way of excluding most white British from getting a job in the Met whilst opening the door and favouring ethnics even more.

  2. Aylesbury has today (July 23rd) seen a group of Paedostanis sentenced for their part in the abuse of local children. You can bet that the stupid, docile inhabitants of this 'enriched' town will go back to sleep after all the publicity has died down, if it ever woke them up in the first place.

    At least there is a ray of hope. British Movement stickers have appeared in the town, much to my surprise! I'm not putting them up so who is? This at least shows that there are others fed up with being 'enriched' in Aylesbury.