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July 2015 - More British Movement News and Views

JULY 2015
More British Movement News & Views

Saturday July 18th 2015
British Movement activists joined members and supporters of other British Nationalist organisations in a pan-Nationalist demonstration against Rotherham council and its miserable track record over the Rotherham Grooming scandal. In addition Rotherham Council has announced that it will seek Home Office support to block Nationalist demonstrations and marches in the town centre because of alleged disruption to local businesses.

The Pursuit, Persecution and Prosecution of
 Oskar Groning
In his wartime Waffen-SS uniform, he was not an officer.
He was a low ranking NCO in what was effectively the SS Pay Corps.

On July 16th 2015 the 94 year old SS veteran Oskar Groning was found guilty of being
"an accessory to the murder of 300,000 people" by a German court, he was also deemed to have been "complicit in murder and ill-treatment" of prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp.
There was no evidence presented as to Groning physically taking part in any act of murder or ill-treatment, but the forces of retribution and vengeance had decided to make him a symbolic subject.
The media glibly called him the book-keeper of Auschwitz but in reality Oskar Groning had been captured at the end of the war and held as a POW for two years by British forces until his release in 1947. At this time there was no suggestion that he was a war criminal and was released to return to civilian life in Germany.
He was a low-ranking Non-Commissioned Officer (Unterscharfuhrer) in the pay-master section of the Waffen-SS. He maintained financial records and served in the camp administration.
So they accused him of "facilitating" the running of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex. He was one of many in the camp administration, a small cog in a larger system, so why all the effort to drag a 94 year old pensioner into court before the international media?
What his accusers do not seem to realise is that in any penal system, including present day Germany and the United Kingdom, a prisoners personal effects and valuables, including cash, is confiscated on arrival and documented before being transferred into an accounting department.
Exactly the same way that Oskar Groning was dealing with prisoners possessions and currency at Auschwitz.
After 70 years it was an obviously vindictive piece of theatre designed to maintain the story of the Holocaust in the public mind and to repeat the same old liturgy.

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  1. I'd very much like to know where all of the ALLIED war criminals have got to? What about 'Solomon', the Jew who ran a post war concentration camp in Poland? He was responsible for the deaths of thousands of anti Communist Poles and Ethnic Germans.

    Traced to Israel (no surprise there) in 1994 by the Polish government, there was an attempt by the Poles at extradition (the German government, cowed by Zionist 'six million' pressure, refused to do anything). Israel refused and it was all forgotten about. The Jew murderer died in 2007. So much for 'justice'.