Thursday, May 14, 2015

The General Election 2015 - Some British Movemment Observations

Some Observations by British Movement

The election result came as no real surprise
Big business won.
The Conservatives were elected on just 31% of votes cast.

The Conservatives will now ride rough-shod over the ordinary British people and international corporate business will pillage Britain and the British economy.
BM does not stand candidates in these elections, which are a rigged game.
For proof of this sham 'democratic process' look no further than the election campaign run by the United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP.
Over 4 Million votes cast for UKIP - the result was just one Member of Parliament for UKIP.

BM delighted to see the Labour Party taking a battering
Good to see Labour Party leader Ed Miliband losing the election.
How this North London champagne socialist thought that the White British working-class voters would identify with the left-wing multi-cultural party he was leading is beyond belief.
Ed Miliband has never worked outside politics; he is the son of a Jewish Marxist academic who came to Britain as a political refugee in 1940; he was brought up in a Far-Left family and went straight into the Labour Party from university, working as a researcher for Labour MP's and went from there into a safe Labour seat. Both he and his brother David were Labour MP's in the Blair/Brown administration; so how did Miliband think that White British people would follow him and elect him Prime Minister?
BM supporters in West Yorkshire were very pleased to see Labour MP Ed Balls losing his seat, he has been an object of hatred by British racial Nationalists for a number of years.
Good to see the Labour Party devastated in Scotland, but a pity that it has been replaced in Scotland by the Leftist false nationalists of the SNP.

The British electoral system is a con trick

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  1. The 2 party dictatorship triumphs again, the system which lets child rape be committed by immigrants (Pakis & other Muslims) then the British tax payer has to pay for them to be looked after when they should be hanging from a rope! Latest one got 13 years.

  2. An appalling showing by the now emasculated BNP though even the N.F. did little better. The electoral road is a waste of time; even if we knocked on the doors of Westminster via the ballot box does anybody seriously think that they would meekly stand aside and allow us to take control?

    Money wasted on election deposits would be better spent on building our own alternative media and creating the infrastructure of a healthy counter culture, a robust, solid foundation of a National Socialist society.

    No more money poured down the Jewish drain.

    1. I think you are right to a degree, however I do not accept that council elections are a waste of time or money, as financially it is peanuts - i.e the cost of leaflets. Also, Nationalist's should be looking at Parish councils, as quite often people are elected unopposed - as they are crying out for them in some areas! But yes, Parlimentary seats are pointless at the moment - as we are generally quite small! 14w