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End of January - British Movement News and Views

End of January 2015
British Movement News & Views
Residents Against Islamic Fundamentalism 
 Since Pediga UK have announced that they want no National Socialist involvement in their activities and campaigns, British Movement in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire have established RAIF.
RAIF is a pan-Nationalist network under the guidance of British Movement HER Division, the first public demonstration was held in Victoria Square, Hull on Saturday 24th January 2015.
 The RAIF demonstration was followed later the same evening by a British Movement meeting in Hull - some of the participants in the meeting posed for the now customary end of meeting group photograph.
 EU Calls for Britain to make 'Holocaust denial; a Crime
  To bring Britain into line with France, Germany and several other EU countries where even the vaguest question that could contradict the 'official; version of the Holocaust is a criminal offence carrying potential imprisonment.
The new proposals demand that "tolerance" becomes part of the school curriculum from Primary school to University. It also calls for new laws, including in the United Kingdom, where what they term 'intolerance' becomes a criminal offence, of course this includes xenophobia, anti-Semitism and especially a new crime of "overt approval of totalitarian ideology". Which can only mean National Socialism, Fascism or racial Nationalism. Somehow NS Outlook doubts that such new laws would view Communism, Trotskyism, Maoism or Marxist-Leninism as totalitarian ideologies.

This article in the 'Guardian' spells out the demands.
 SWBM member Persecuted and Prosecuted
Imprisoned for Five Years for Defending Himself
 Contrary to what has been reported on some Nationalist web-sites and forums, this was a case of self defence, but because the Asian attackers got the worst of it the White man under attack was charged and was sentenced to five years in prison for so-called "racially aggravated assault".

The South Wales Argus report after the trial in December 2014

This is what happened - and was demonstrated in court and shown on the pub CCTV
At the time of his arrest, the local police said that it was unlikely to get to court because it was obviously self-defence with two attackers against one man.
Later the local police admitted that the Crown Prosecution service (CPS) had seized on the case and were determined to push it into court.

The Prosecution lawyers at the trial in December spent as much time cross examining the Defendant about his political beliefs as about the events on the day of the offence.

The 'Daily Star' did not let the details of a four day trial get in the way of a sensational report.
One of the white 'girlfriends' of the Asian men involved in the assault admitted in court that the Asian men had been verbally taunting the accused prior to the fight.
She told the court " he was taking the micky out of the skinhead"
When Richard Harris verbally retaliated to this abuse, the larger of the two Asian men decided to physically attack the lone skinhead. But he had picked on the wrong White man and when things started to go against him, a second Asian joined in, trying to attack Richard Harris from behind.
The pub CCTV footage shown in court clearly indicated that Richard Harris was sitting down when a much taller Asian man came and stood over him.
Under attack from in front and behind, Richard Harris lashed out with an empty beer bottle.
 Newspaper reports across Wales and in the national media have completely distorted the details of the trial and witness testimonies.
Newspaper and on-line media reports claim that a bottle was deliberately used in an unprovoked attack as the Defendant tried to slice off the Asian man's ear.
This was not what was reported in court.

The Judge made his own anti-racist position clear to the jury before the jury was sent out to consider the case and at the sentencing hearing the Judge went for the 5 year maximum when even the Prosecution were only asking for a 3 year sentence. The court and the CPS wanted to make an example of this man to demonstrate that British law was just as hard on 'White political extremists' as they called Richard Harris as they are on Muslim Jihadists.

It was obvious that the judge had already decided on what the sentence would be before he even read the Probation Service request not to give a custodial sentence and he had not even looked at the character references before passing sentence. Is this justice ?
The judge also refused leave to mount an appeal.

Five years in prison - the maximum sentence for this category of offence.
Richard Harris was of previously good character - hard working, a family man with children who had no previous convictions.
His politics were on trial as much as he was on trial.

*** NS Outlook is waiting for more press cuttings to illustrate this report.
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  1. Absolutely discusting - I hope the guy is bearing-up! Anyway, I didn't think it was up to a trial judge - to refuse a first-time appeal! I would consider contacting a human rights group, or another solicitor. Also, I would consider a complaint about the judge! 14w

  2. Please send prison details if available, so I can send some money in -

  3. I note Nick Walsh on stormfront claiming RAIF featured a "moderate Islamic speaker", more lies from the NF

  4. Reference the moderate Islamic speaker, it is actually true. A guy claiming to be an ex Scottish Soldier agreed with the demonstration and the organiser handed him the mic and gave him the floor. Gold dust.

  5. It's nice to see genuine National Socialists taking the wind out of the sails of Pediga, EDL and all the other Zionist backed fake 'patriotic' organisations.

    Pediga, like the EDL, have some shady backers who seem to belong to a certain ethnic elite....well, I think that you know who I mean. As part of the Zionist neo con set up, they are a safety valve for the Establishment, diverting well meaning people down a political dead end.

  6. Like the EDL, Pediga will be a gateway movement for a lot of future recruits. National Socialists should actively infiltrate these kind of organisations and attempt to steer them in our direction.


    It has been circulating around by certain few ,small minded, discontented, pencil dicked goons who masquerade as so call white nationalists that the BM is going soft !!!! Why cos at a recent gathering of RAIF the organiser handed the megaphone to a self confessed moderate muslim who 'allegedly' hated radical islam.
    So let deal with the facts - a moderate muslim approached the organiser in front of Hull city centre CCTV and police and asked 'what you got against muslims' why he continued to ask this question numerous times is your guess, however one could deduce that the guy was trying to solicit a racist response or he was wired ??. Our policy in BM HER division is 'your no use to the movement hamstrung in prison'. However it was evident that this moderate muslim was not going away so the organiser called the guys bluff and said 'if your against radical islam then say so to the public -right now !!!'. This was a moment of priceless humour witnessing a muslim slagging off radical islam in Hull city centre in front of the police. It was also political gold dust in that members of the general public also witnessed this. Remember RAIF is a public awareness project aimed at making the public aware of and soliciting their support towards the elimination of radical islam from our shores.
    TO THOSE FEW GOONS WHO SPOUT FALSE INUENDO ABOUT THE BM you are no worse than red scum and my message to you is we know who you are !!!!! and your an embarrassment , a disgrace to the cause and you should be cleansed of your pathetic, spinelessness via a good flogging and dragging.

  8. Did Hitler have Muslims fighting in the Waffen SS? Has the NF had Jewish members in the past?

  9. Answer to both questions - very few! Got that trouble-maker? 14w

  10. Justice for richard long before they do this shit to all of us ??? ant no british Justice!!there ant no f_cking british Justice!and there..never.... was......they do it to hurt the famailys...not nice....14 words...pc28 london...