Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 2015 British Movement News and Views

January 2015
British Movement News & Views

The Poison Of Multiculturalism
Strikes Again

The jihadist attacks in Paris have once again exposed the lie that multi-culturalism is a 'good thing' and that 'diversity' only serves to create the conditions where Third World political, religious and cultural tensions not only swamp and erode the indigenous European culture but expose the indigenous population to the usually violent outbursts of imported armed conflicts.
The jihadists carry out these attacks to force Western European people to accept 'their' world view and religious/culture values, and to punish those Europeans who challenge the Islamists 'right' to impose Sharia and Islamic fundamentalism on British or European countries.

Of course the media, the liberals and the Left are mouthing off about how communities must stand together; how the Paris atrocities must not be used to stir up so-called 'Islamophobia'; how the atrocities must not cause divisions; the Islamic terrorist do not represent all Muslims, etc. etc.
All the predictable outpourings in defence of multi-culturalism and a multi-racial society that we have heard before after each jihadist attack (9/11 - the London Bombings - the Madrid bombings - the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby - the list goes on and on . Yet still the champions of 'diversity' insist on ignoring the obvious conclusions - mass Third World immigration and multi-cultural communities in Britain and Europe have created the conditions where such conflicts erupt against the host (indigenous) communities and tighten the grip of the non-white colonists on our beleaguered White communities.

This does not mean that NS Outlook supports the publication 'Charlie Hebdo', far from it.
The magazine was a defender of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism and was a mouth-piece for Left-wing ideas and liberal politics.
"Live By Multi-Culturalism - Die By Multi-Culturalism"
For an interesting commentary on the  publication 'Charlie Hebdo' and the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris see the article on the BM Ulster blog site 'Ulster Sunwheel / Ulster Dawn'
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  1. I would recommend and urge those who are not BM members to purchase the latest copy of Broadsword or even take out a subscription to it. It is a very interesting read every quarter.

    By purchasing it you help keep this publication possible.

    A Scottish non-member

  2. I've no sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo staff; they were killed by a monster of their own making. The multi racialists have suddenly found out that their liberal agenda and imported Third World religious bigotry don't mix. Oh dear.

    The disasterous consequences of race mixing have ended up biting the advocates of such a system on the arse.