Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 2014 - British Movement News and Views

September 2014
British Movement News & Views

 August 31st 2014
  Victoria Square Protest

A British Movement organiser broadcasts the truth about Nelson Mandela and his terrorist background to people walking through Victoria Square.

Hull City Council has announced its intention to honour the late South African President, former African National Congress (ANC) leader, South African Communist activist and convicted pan-African terrorist Nelson Mandela at the 2014 Hull Freedom Festival.
This announcement angered the activists of the British Movement Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Division, so on the afternoon of Sunday August 31st 2014 a protest was organised to take place in Victoria Square, Hull.
The regional British Movement organiser addressed the general public via a loud hailer and BM activists paraded protest placards and distributed leaflets that gave details of Nelson Mandela's terrorist convictions and the atrocity record of the ANC's para-military wing during the years prior to Mandela being released from prison.
 Other BM activists put on a colourful display of patriotic flags and BM Sunwheel flags and banners.
British Movement activists setting up flags and banners in Victoria Square, Hull.
The BM protest made it clear that there were council tax payers in Hull who strongly objected to the City Council spending local taxes on an event to honour a convicted terrorist who had no connections to the city and port of Hull.

Corporation Fields Hull
Remembering Mosley
August 31st 2014

Later on the afternoon of the anti-Nelson Mandela protest, some of the British Movement activists involved gathered in a different part of the city. This time it was a small rally on the site of the old Corporation Fields, a historic location where Sir Oswald Mosley had held open air BUF rallies during the late 1930's.

The BM National Secretary makes a short speech about the history of Sir Oswald Mosley and the Blackshirt rallies in Hull on Corporation Fields in 1936 and 1937.
As one British Movement organiser declared;
" National Socialism returns to Corporation Fields, Hull for the first time since
Sir Oswald Mosley's last rally there in 1937."

 National Action Protest -Normanton
September 6th 2014
British Movement activists from West Yorkshire supported this anti-grooming protest organised by National Action.

The National Action protest in Normanton

The Scandal Continues
There is no point repeating what has already been voiced on the NS Outlook blogs, but this is the story that refuses to go away and the forces of multi-culturalism are desperately trying to bury the scandal and throw up a series of smokescreen stories.
It is the crisis for multi-racialism that will not go away.
British Movement will certainly not let this issue drop and as with other British racial Nationalist organisations, BM will keep hammering home the truth about the Asian sex-grooming gangs.
White British girls are NOT halal-meat.
Meanwhile West Yorkshire Police have reluctantly admitted that the force is currently involved in a series of investigations of over 65 cases of sexual exploitation and grooming.
As before in Rotherham, the majority of the men under investigation are of "Pakistani-heritage" and the majority of victims are under-age White British girls.
The first prosecutions are likely to start in the Bradford area.
At long last - a new edition of the British Movement street newspaper is almost ready to come off
 the printing presses - details on the next NS Outlook blog.

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  1. Well done Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Division, an excelllent day of action and good show of force, also a colourful display to attract the attention of the passing sleeping public. Also to the BM activists and National Action for the demo in Normanton, i saw the Normanton demo published on the NA and Birmingham Nationalist sites, both of them highlighted the presence of BM activists. I have seen written on other sites the uselessness of small numbers of activists going out to demonstrate, stating: this shows our weakness. Hull & East Riding put on a fantastic display and i challenge any red or other to try and interfere with a BNSM demonstration.
    Hail the BM, NYork's

  2. Good to see the BM honouring the great Sir Oswald Mosley. He would have been a great Leader of the British Empire, and kept us out of the Brother's War with Germany. Mosley was the first to use the slogans - "BRITAIN FIRST" and "BRITAIN FOR THE BRITISH".


  3. A good display of conviction. A pity the public keep buying into the Miliband/Cameron pantomime when theres a whole different show on offer. Great work guys, a good day!