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August Roundup - British Movement News and Views

August 2014 Roundup
British Movement News & Views

Blyth, Northumberland
Saturday 23rd August 2014
Activists from BM North East of England region distributed hundreds of BM leaflets on the town centre streets of Blyth. The leaflets were well received by local shoppers and members of the public. There was no trouble and it was another successful activity in the British Movement 'White Towns' strategy.

The Latest News Headlines are National Disgrace
Over 1,400 Children in Rotherham Sexually Abused by Asian Predators - Over a Sixteen Year Period - the Police, Social Services and Local Authorities Failed To Act.
The Asian Child Sex-Grooming Gangs are the Evil Underside of Multi-Culturalism
Those Liberals and Leftists who deny a racial element to such horror stories are deluding
themselves and are providing tacit approval to the crimes by their refusal to recognise that Race and culture are serious elements in these cases.
This was the catalogue of sex crimes and abuse on a vast scale in just one Northern town
that could not be covered up.
The damning report by Professor Alexis Jay concludes that from 1997 to 2013 there was on-going
criminal, sexual exploitation of under age girls, some as young as 11 years old by Asian men.
The majority of the girls were White British and over 95% of the abusers were adult Asian men.
As far back as 2005 Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police knew this was going on.
The Report still peddles the liberal-language of multi-culturalism when its describes the rapists and abusers as being of "Pakistani-heritage". One newspaper cringingly reports that;
" ignoring a politically inconvenient truth by insisting there was not a deep-rooted problem
of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls."
That is an understatement of what has been going on, not only in Rotherham but in towns and cities across the UK and still the Establishment tries to cover up the wide ranging problem in the 'interests of Race Relations' and 'community cohesion'.
Heads Must roll !
Senior South Yorkshire Police officers who ignored or side-lined these cases must be brought to court and prosecuted for dereliction of duty.
All current and former Rotherham social workers and child protection officers who knew about these offences and abuse but failed to act must be named and brought before the courts.
All those named who are still serving in Rotherham must be dismissed.
Any current or former Rotherham Councillors who knew about these crimes but failed to act must be prosecuted for failing to protect vulnerable children or failing to prevent sex crimes and rape. 
There must be an immediate and wide ranging hunt for ALL those involved in the rape, sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of those 1,400 victims. This includes those living outside Rotherham - in Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford and elsewhere.
Even if this means dragging hundreds of guilty Asian men before the courts
the Police and DPP must ignore the cries of 'racism' and act.
If These People Had Not Been Allowed To Settle Here
These Problems Would Not Exist.

The National Secretary of British Movement has once again been invited to be one of the guest speakers at the Heritage and Destiny organised John Tyndall Memorial meeting in Preston on Saturday October 11th 2014.

Do You Remember ?

Worcester - British Movement march - 1981.
Were You There?

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AUGUST - Peak Month of Our European Summer

Peak Month of Our European Summer
British Movement News & Views
National Action Meeting
Birmingham - August 9th 2014.
The British Movement National Secretary was one of the guest speakers at this city centre meeting.
National Action were kind enough to invite representatives from British Movement to attend their West Midlands meeting with the added bonus of asking the BM National Secretary to speak
The meeting was held in the heart of this notoriously cosmopolitan city, the sunny afternoon outside the venue reflected the racial chaos that multi-culturalism and mass immigration has inflicted on our beleaguered country. 
Escorted by a BM Leader Guard security team the BM visitors were made welcome, BM literature was circulated and a BM sales table set up. The National Secretary gave a speech that was well received and also generated a good deal of discussion afterwards.
Our thanks to National Action for the invitation.
 No More European Wars
100 years since the catastrophe that began in August 1914
 August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of  the outbreak of the Great War.
The great tragedy that decimated the White Aryan population of Western Europe and Russia.
Great nations fought each other because of the machinations of international financiers and the vanity of Europe's monarchs who were so easily manipulated by the emerging political class.
It was largely the young men of Europe, the very best and bravest of their kind who were fed into the war machine to prop up crumbling dynasties, imperial powers indebted to the emerging global banks and greedy industrialists who saw only war profiteering and business opportunities on a massive scale.
Political subterfuge and geo-political ideas first spawned in the French Revolution of 1790 had now come of age, the Great War was not the 'war to end all wars' but was the first industrialised war of mass destruction.

A British Tommy in 1915 - barely 18 years old
Bayoneted, gassed and shrapnel wounds between 1914 and 1918
He survived the Great War but in poor health for the rest of his life.
He died before he was 60.

A proud young German infantryman in 1914
This 'Landser' did not survive the war in the trenches.

The Great War was a brother's war - racial kindred killing each other in the name of patriotism.
The Great War drenched Western Europe in the blood of millions of its indigenous peoples, but the alien puppet-masters were the real winners.
The Protocols came of age.

Herr Manfred Roeder
Another Old Warrior Passes to the Next World
NS Outlook is very sorry to hear of the passing of the veteran German Nationalist Manfred Roeder.
Herr Roeder passed away on June 30th 2014 - His funeral took place on August 2nd.
 Manfred was a member of the Hitler Jugend in the late 1930's and early war years. He was conscripted into the Wehrmacht aged 16 and took part in the Battle of Berlin in April 1945.
He studied law and became a lawyer. An ardent German nationalist he founded the Deutsche Burgerinitiative. He campaigned tirelessly for the nationalist cause and more than once fell foul of Germany's draconian anti-nationalist laws.
 Manfred Roeder
February 1929 -  June 2014
 His wisdom and resilience will be missed on the Europe wide Nationalist scene.

Does Anyone Have a Decent Photograph of This ?

On Thursday night August 7th 2014 it was reported that a group of Asian teenagers had hung the black war flag of the jihadist group ISIS (The Islamic State) from the entrance gates to the Will Crooks housing estate in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.
The banner was a large one and remained there for a couple of days.
The national newspapers have published a handful of poor quality images of this event and no doubt have copyright on the images.
If any British Movement supporters or other British racial Nationalists were able to take a printable copy of this flag being flown close to Canary Wharf - please e-mail the digital image to the BM Sunwheel Office. (
Thank you.

 The Curious Case of Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone
An old story has recently been revived in the broader investigations of historic child sex abuse offences. Back in the early 1990's the Labour MP for Leicester West, Greville Janner was questioned by police during the investigations into the sexual abuse of under age boys at a children's home in Leicester.
Although there was strong evidence linking Janner to a 'relationship' with a 13 year old boy, he was never charged with any offence, but made a formal statement in the House of Commons in which he denied any wrong doing. Nevertheless, it appears that the police maintained an open file on Greville Janner. After stepping down as MP for Leicester West, Janner was raised to the House of Lords and took the title Lord Janner, Baron of Braunstone.

The cover of a booklet published and circulated in the 1990's by a campaign group who were angered that the Labour MP Greville Janner had escaped prosecution for offences against young boys.

In June 2014 a squad of officers from the Metropolitan Police and Leicestershire Police searched the North London home of Lord Greville Janner and also took the unusual step of searching his formal offices at the Palace of Westminster.

This small article appeared in the 'Daily Express' newspaper.
In a very short space of time, Lord Janner was medically examined by two doctors and declared to be in the early stages of dementia and therefore unfit to be held to account by the courts.
Most of the national news media have either ignored the story or have played it down.
Now the DPP has agreed with 'expert' medical opinion that Baron Janner of Braunstone is not fit to face investigation or trial due to his onset of dementia - the question is :
Does he retain his seat in the House of Lords ? And has he retired from his senior positions in a number of Anglo-Jewish organisations now that he is medically unfit ?
Over the years Greville Janner had been highly placed and leading figure in Britain's Jewish communities; he had served as President of the Commonwealth Jewish Council, had been the head of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, was one of the founders of the Holocaust Education Trust, held important positions on the boards of Jewish charities and Zionist groups connected to charities in Israel. He also found time to be a key figure in the Leicester Boy Scouts Association and was a fully fledged member of the Magic Circle. He was also legally qualified and served as a QC, and had a range of highly influential friends in the British judicial system.
Perhaps this story will re-surface again at some point in the future.

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JULY 2014 - British Movement News and Views Round-up

JULY 2014
British Movement News & Views
End of the Month Round Up
British Movement Yorkshire Region
Annual Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial Meeting
Saturday July 26th
The backdrop to the meeting - portraits of 'JT' and 'CJ' with the banner of the host BM branch.
This year the annual BM Yorkshire Region Colin Jordan and John Tyndall Memorial meeting moved to a new venue in the Bradford area, but was still organised by the BM Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District branch. The holiday season reduced the numbers attending this year which was a little disappointing but the meeting provided an opportunity for comrades to meet and socialise as well as listen to the speakers. The first speaker was the Northern Branch Development organiser, then there was a short film session including short clips of archive footage of both JT and CJ speaking.
There were a few technical problems hindering the film presentations, but the main film about the dangers presented by Islam to the UK and British society was quite shocking.
The meeting then heard from the BM National Secretary on the subject of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall as the pioneers of British racial Nationalism in the post-1945 world.
The concluding thought was that the best way to honour the memory of JT and CJ was to take the torch that they had lit and to turn it into a blazing fire of British National Socialist revival.
This Just Proves That Westminster Members of Parliament Are Out of Touch
With the White British Majority .......
British Movement maintains that the bulk of Westminster MP's are an ideologically driven, metropolitan elite who are committed to multi-culturalism and totally disregard the opinions of the UK majority population -  the White British.
Now, as if to prove the point, Bob Blackman the Conservative MP for Harrow East, has launched a campaign to make the Muslim festival of Eid and the Hindu festival of Diwali into public holidays in Britain.
While this might play well to his multi-racial constituency in north-west London and other non-white colonised areas of Greater London, exactly what meaning does this have for the White British majority population of Britain?
Apart from the colonised cities of Leicester, Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester and a handful of towns in Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, West Yorkshire and Lancashire, this is meaningless. Diwali and Eid are alien religious festivals which do not affect the bulk of the British people so this is just vote hunting by a committed supporter of multi-racial Britain.

The Racial Time-bomb Gathering in North Africa
A Tidal Wave of Displaced Africans Is Waiting to Flood into Europe
This blog site and the British Movement magazine Broadsword has often warned about the reality of the fictional 'Camp of the Saints' story becoming the truth. Now the latest figures released by the United Nations presents a terrifying threat to White Aryan Europe and Britain.
There are over 3,000,000 that is 3 Million refugees and economic migrants from across Africa gathered in Libya seeking to cross the sea into Europe. Those figures are for the numbers in Libya alone - there are many thousands more spread across the coastal countries of North Africa.
Last year was bad for the Europe, especially Italy, which is often where these people make their first landfall. But from January to April 2014 over 63,000 so-called 'undocumented migrants' had entered Italy - which was the total number for the whole of 2013 - things are getting worse.
Many of these illegal immigrants want to get into the UK, others want Germany, Scandinavia or the Netherlands because they believe that the welfare systems are better there.
A recent report stated that,
"It is migration on an epic scale, made possible by the collapse of government in Libya,
now Libya has turned into a gigantic funnel into Europe."
The list of countries emptying their surplus populations towards Europe and Britain reads like an atlas index:
Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia, Niger, Senegal, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, as well refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria, Iraq and Gaza.
In some poverty stricken black African countries whole villages will club together the money to pay the people smugglers to take their teenage sons to Europe.
This problem is not going to get better, the human tidal wave of dispossessed Africans and refuges from the Middle East is going to first overwhelm the White Europeans and British, then it will drown us as the non-whites take over our homelands.
Only radical action can save us - only National Socialism has the strength to defend us.

 The British Media Ignores the Europe Protests Against Israel
European Jews Protest Against the 'Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism'.
As July draws to an end there has been a wave of anti-Israel protests across the capital cities of Europe, mostly the protests are made up from the Islamic migrant communities with a sprinkling of Left-wing anti-Zionists. The British media is playing down reports on these protests, but there are stories of increasing numbers of attacks on Jews and Jewish buildings as the violence against Gaza by the Israeli military reaps higher and higher numbers of Palestinian victims.
The TV news reports featuring bombed Palestinian hospitals and schools with the bloody images of dead Palestinian civilians, especially women and children is building a back-lash against Israel, Zionism, and Jewish communities across Europe.
But after the weekend protests of July 26th and 27th, the British media, especially the newspapers, are trying to avoid reporting on the anti-Israel demonstrations and anti-Jewish attacks.
One German-Jewish community leader has claimed that their is an anti-Israel/anti-Jewish alliance at work, an alliance of "the far-Left -  Muslim Immigrants and Neo-Nazis"
Really ?  Hardly likely. But the events in Gaza have created a situation where all the different opponents of Zionism are spurred on to attack the 'Serpent' wherever it manifests itself.

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