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End of May - BM News & Views Roundup

British Movement News & Views
End of Month Round-up

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Race and Immigration Is Now Big News
Suddenly all the Establishment politicians want to talk about immigration, suddenly every system politician has an opinion on immigration and wants to "talk to voters" about their fears on immigration  All the mainstream political leaders are suddenly aware of immigration as a major issue for British voters, and all want to be seen to be "listening".
This is pretty rich coming from Labour Party leader Ed Milliband, since he was part of previous Labour Government under Gordon Brown that allowed a virtual open door immigration policy.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrats is one of the loudest voices in support of a multi-cultural Britain and is an avowed 'anti-racist'.
Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron talks tough on immigration but does nothing significant to change the current situation, has declared that multi-culturalism has failed, but defends the concept
of a multi-racial society.
 In the wake of the May elections and the high profile European elections where anti-immigration candidates polled strongly, the Establishment is now smarting from the upheaval and is desperate to capture anti-immigration votes.
The British media, particularly the BBC is suddenly switched on to reporting stories on immigration; reporting on the situation in France when the authorities acted to clear squatter camps of immigrants camped out around Calais. On the following day the BBC reports on the upsurge of illegal migration from North Africa into Europe.
Race and Immigration are back on top of the domestic and European political agenda, this is a situation that can be exploited by the British National Socialist Movement.
Ordinary people are prepared to listen to the anti-immigration message, race is no longer a taboo subject on British streets, the door is open for us to push the '14 Words'.
 'Racism' is on the agenda in Ulster - just this week the only ethnic Chinese MP in the UK,
( Alliance MP for South Belfast Anna Lo - born in Hong Kong)
has announced that she is quitting politics and leaving Northern Ireland because of 'racism'.
Also this week a Protestant preacher in Belfast denounced Islam from the pulpit and called Islam
"a doctrine spawned in Hell".
Of course all the usual voices have been raised against this preacher and the PSNI (Police) are now investigating with a view to charges of 'hate speech'.
Of all people, Martin McGuiness, former Provisional IRA commander and 'reformed' terrorist has attacked the sermon saying,
" Coming in the wake of a recent spate of racist attacks against families in parts of Belfast
and elsewhere, such inflammatory comments only serve to fuel hatred.
I value the diversity and multicultural nature of our society and the significant and valuable
contribution the Muslim community makes to this society daily."
That puts the Sinn Fein position on immigration, race and multiculturalism firmly in place.
So much for Sinn Fein and Irish Republicanism's claim to being the defenders and preservers of Irish culture and traditions. McGuiness is actually supporting the influx and settlement of non-whites and non-Aryans into Ulster. The very forces that will eventually eradicate Irish culture and traditions.
The very forces that will first swamp Northern Ireland and eventually obliterate the cultures of both established Ulster communities, Protestant and Catholic.
A recent Sinn Fein rally has actually claimed that Gerry Adams is Ireland's 'Nelson Mandela'!
 #  Check some of the Sinn Fein candidates in the recent elections.
The so-called 'Irish Patriots of Sinn Fein actually had an African as a candidate.
See BM blog Ulster Sunwheel/Ulster Dawn

South Wales British Movement
SWBM Division

Upsetting the Establishment and the Media in Wales
 The newspaper 'Wales on Sunday' cranks up the hysteria.
The 'Wales on Sunday' - May 25th 2014
This article calls SWBM "poisonous" and denounces the efforts of SWBM to teach the youth of South Wales about their culture, heritage and traditions.
It criticised the SWBM honouring of Fusilier Lee Rigby and interviewed Falklands veteran Simon Weston for an outpouring of 'anti-fascist' sentiments.
As usual the newspaper rounded up a collection of so-called 'experts' to comment on the 'threat' posed by British Movement activities in South Wales and the Valleys in particular.
The newspaper asked the South African born Labour MP for Neath Peter Hain for comments.
Noting that Peter Hain was one of the founders of the original Anti-Nazi League (ANaL) back in the 1970's. In Hain's opinion SWBM and the British Movement campaign is "scum and poison".
That is a bit rich coming from someone who for years campaigned against apartheid in South Africa as a staunch supporter of the African National Congress (ANC) and Nelson Mandela when the ANC was waging a terrorist war in South Africa.
However for a real insight into clueless Left-wing thinking, the newspaper invited commentary from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Jeff Hurford the UAF secretary for Wales made all the usual noises but showed his complete lack of knowledge about British Movement by first talking about the collapse of the BNP and SWBM being a "DIY thing for fascists" - then stating  that BM was founded in 1968 and associated with Sir Oswald Mosley!
Wales on Sunday criticised SWBM for postering and leafleting the streets of towns in the Valleys,
"outlining their dream of bringing National Socialism to Wales"
NS Outlook says - What is wrong with that ?
  For a full round-up of SWBM activities including plenty of photographs of SWBM and
'Young Dragons' Youth Section activities check out South Wales British Movement Facebook page and blog site
Note for all conspiracy theorists:
The 2014 Bilderberg conference has begun in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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 BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK.


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