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MAY 2014 - Springtime Activity Reports plus BM News & Views

MAY 2014
Springtime Activity Reports and BM News and Views


May  2014
British Movement and National Action stickers and slogans re-decorate portraits of Stalin and Lenin and other Marxist posters.
The Red propaganda belongs to the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) an organisation that still regards Stalin as a hero and supports the concept of the old Soviet system.

A suitable slogan to give the 'Reds' food for thought.
Stalin and Lenin suitably challenged.

Not exactly the National Revolution but a step in the right direction.

Israeli politician granted immunity from arrest in the UK
The British Government has given special diplomatic status to the Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, so that she can make a visit to London without being arrested under international arrest warrants for war crimes and breaches of international laws on human rights.
.In December 2009 Tzipi Livni cancelled a visit to Britain after being warned that Palestinian organisations managed to secure an arrest warrant issued by Westminster magistrates court.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights has repeatedly tried to get the Israeli politician arrested during trips outside Israel. In 2011 Livni was granted 'Special mission status' as a diplomat to escape arrest during a trip to London, even though the Crown Prosecution Service had been formally requested to arrange her arrest for war crimes when she arrived in the UK.
Now in May 2014 the Israeli Justice Minister is once again protected by temporary diplomatic status as she visits London. (Even though in 2009 a British judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence against Livni to order her arrest for war crimes)
 Given that Prime Minister David Cameron is a highly placed supporter of the organisation Conservative Friends of Israel, there can be no surprises that his government offers special protection to Israeli politicians no matter what international laws and crimes that have been committed.
At least the Palestinian people can see which side David Cameron is on.

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  1. Thanks Broadsword for the latest edition of the mag, will spend the coming week reading and digesting. Looking forward to the upcoming Sunwheel festival, a good chance for all members and supporters in a relaxed environment to discuss the present and future of BM. Hail the BNSM. N Yorks.