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May 2014 - A New Month for British Movement News and Views

May 2014
British Movement News & Views

The Distraction of the Forthcoming May Elections
The nonsense of 'Democracy in action'
UKIP is the System's Safety Valve
British Movement does not engage in elections under the current rigged British electoral system.
The media hype surrounding the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is obviously staged and contrived to make Nigel Farage and his party look like some major challenge to the rotating Conservative/Labour dictatorship. (The Liberal Democrats don't count - Labour and the Tories are the controlling players)
No wonder Nigel Farage is always laughing on camera, he is enjoying his brief moment of fame before the Establishment shuts him down. UKIP is the political safety valve, a distraction to neutralise any serious British nationalist efforts and a mechanism to con the British public into thinking that through UKIP they might actually address the serious problems of immigration and the globalists running the European Union.
The anti-UKIP campaign by the major parties and the useful idiots of the extreme-Left and anti-racist groupings is just part of the overall con-trick. Laughably the Lib-Cons and Labour are proposing a 'joint campaign' to "expose UKIP as racist".
Is that the best that they can come up with ?
Is it now such a political taboo in the Westminster circus to suggest that racial and ethnic differences exist and that some British people are opposed to racial diversity, that to be 'racist' is such a terrible label?
This coming from mainstream political parties that have demonstrated just how corrupt and greedy their MP's and senior figures can be. MP's jailed for false expenses claims. MP's resigning over claiming cash for parliamentary questions, political cover-ups like the old Cyril Smith scandal and the lies and double-dealing with Irish Republican terrorists behind the Good Friday Agreement.
While people like these control the political system in Britain it is pointless trying to defeat the Establishment through the voting box.
This was a front article in the Guardian this week - known for its liberal and Left-wing bias, this is obviously a big deal for the Guardian's leftist readership but in reality it is hardly earth-shattering.
Or has the label 'racist' now reached such depths in the leftie psychology that is almost a swear word?

Things are getting serious
The situation in Ukraine is getting worse, day by day, hour by hour. There is no way of telling what is going to happen next. Here in Britain we are largely dependent on controlled news reports and the propaganda slant of assorted international news services. The latest street clashes in Odessa have been reported as being between the militant Ukrainian Nationalists of the Right Sector alliance, and the equally militant Russian Nationalist separatists.
The news footage of the street fighting Odessa was like some flash-back to the old black and white newsreel footage of clashes between communists and fascists or National Socialists on the streets of Germany or France in the 1920's and 1930's.
 It is not surprising to note that the Leftist elements across Europe repeatedly stress the so-called 'fascist' nature of the Kiev based Ukrainian political groupings and focus on the numerous 'anti-fascist' posters and placards decorating the barricades of the pro-Russian separatists.
It cannot have escaped any observers attention that Communist era 'Hammer and Sickle' flags regularly appear in pro-Russian protests and some elements of the separatist factions want a return to the old Soviet Union style Russia. No wonder that the extreme Left are so anti-Ukraine.


British Movement
Is trying to build an alternative
news media as part of our basic on-line information and propaganda network.
At the present time these are early days and BM lacks the equipment and resources employed by our opponents.
BM also needs input from our supporters and fellow National Socialists out there. We need useful digital images and film footage for inclusion in our blogs.
Even if it is just a link to something worthwhile and informative that can be used to help get across the British National Socialist message.
As the radical youth organisation 'National Action' says,
'The System will not fall to a single knock-out blow - but will die from thousands of small cuts.'



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