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May 2014 - British Movement News & Views

  British Movement
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May 2014

British Movement West Yorkshire Regional Meeting
Leeds - May 10th

Leeds - Saturday - May 10th
Chaired by Yorkshire Heavy Woollen District Organiser.
Speakers: Leeds Branch Organiser; BM National Secretary.
Guest Speakers: Andrew Brons MEP and an International Guest from Liga Joven  - Spain
BM activists from other parts of Yorkshire, attended as well as supporters and activists from the North-East of England BM.
At the end of the meeting the Spanish visitor gave a short film presentation of footage of street activities by Liga Joven and linked Spanish NS and racial Nationalist organisations.

British Movement Anti-European Union Activity

A sample of local BM propaganda activity in County Armagh


The Face of West African Jihad
The bearers of African Jihadist 'culture' - Boko Haram.
Their leader Abubakar Shekau is believed to be the unmasked figure in the middle
 African Culture at its Best
Boko Haram and the Kidnapped Schoolgirls
If ever there was a piece of film footage that should be compulsory viewing for all liberals, multi-culturalists and 'white-guilt' Marxists, it is surely the recent broadcast by the leader of the Nigerian Islamist  terrorist group Boko Haram.
It was a classic piece to camera by a barely educated African with a machine-gun.
Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram giggled for the camera, and scratched at his groin as he boasted that he had taken over 200 schoolgirls captive and planned to sell them.  
He made it clear that this was perfectly OK and was sanctioned by 'Allah'.
Shekau went on to say that it was OK to marry off young girls to his men, that it was OK to marry off girls aged just 12 years old - or even as young as 9 years old.
Shekau does not see any problem in selling the girls into marriage or slavery.
Obviously the finer points of international law have not penetrated local customs and traditions in the Borno region of north-east Nigeria.
The Islamists terror gangs including Boko Haram have brought chaos to northern and north-eastern Nigeria. This stuff is post-colonial Africa at its worst and demonstrates just how far removed from White European values these people are.
The liberals and multi-culturalists should consider the point that deserters and refugees from Boko Haram and this conflict riven region regularly turn up as 'asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe.
Many Nigerian migrants look to join existing Nigerian colonists in Britain, especially the large Nigerian colonies in London. These people do not leave their beliefs and customs behind when they become refugees or asylum-seekers (illegal immigrants) and enter Britain.
How will these people enrich British culture we wonder?
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  1. JorvikSkin@gmail.comMay 20, 2014 at 3:23 PM

    Our Nigerian friends living in Great Britain come here for the generous handouts "our" government give them also known as "fiddling the dole" - when white working class try to claim anything they're not entitled to they go to gaol.

  2. The British Government actually admits that it knows that the economy of Nigeria is boosted every year by the millions of pounds sterling sent back to West Africa by Nigerians living in the UK.
    The Treasury turns a blind eye to this massive export of British currency overseas.
    Many Nigerians in the UK support entire families 'back home' with the money they send back to Nigeria - other Nigerians send their children over to the UK so that relatives can put them through school (free education) and get them free health care.
    If these people had not been allowed to settle in the UK - these problems would not exist!

  3. Ant no black in the union jack!!