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End of May 2014 - British Movement News & Views

End of May 2014
British Movement News & Views
End of Month Round-up
 Local Elections in England and Wales - May 2014
Once again the 'democratic' merry-go-round
British Movement does not stand candidates in elections, although BM activists have supported a number of Nationalist candidates in their electoral campaigns. BM activists have assisted candidates
from different Nationalist parties by delivering leaflets and election literature. BM has no problem in providing help for genuine individuals.
Meanwhile the three mainstream political parties posed and postured, pouring out their usual mixture of false promises and empty rhetoric.
There was the less than edifying sight of the Labour Party leader Ed Milliband, the son of a Marxist Jewish academic refugee from Poland glad-handing black and Asian Labour Party activists at Labour Party rally somewhere in London. Surrounded by a group of Sikhs wearing red turbans and other non-whites holding up posters declaring "One Nation Labour", the TV footage showed the true face of the Labour Party in 21st Century Britain.
One leftist journalist crowed in a newspaper column that UKIP had failed to make any political gains in Greater London because London is so racially diverse and the population of London is less than 40% White British. This particular leftist boasted that London is the face of the future for British politics; dominated by the Labour Party because of the growing BME (Black Ethnic Minority) voter base. He gloated that diversity is the future that will guarantee a Labour victory and claimed that by the year 2050 the entire British population will be 30% non-white which will secure Labour Party governments for generations to come.
Open Left-wing statements like that should fire up the determination of every British National Socialist and racial Nationalist to double or triple their efforts to ensure that this Marxist dream never becomes our nightmare.
Elsewhere the electoral nonsense followed its well orchestrated path, British Nationalists of every persuasion were carefully marginalised by the media and the system, no matter how hard they campaigned.
The 'false flag' patriotism of UKIP dominated all the media reports and UKIP paraded its 'non-racist' credentials by pushing an assortment of black and Asian UKIP supporters and candidates in front of the camera. Despite all the staged opposition from the three mainstream parties and exaggerated hostility from the extreme-Left, UKIP is a political party that exists to extract Britain from the European Union, it has no racial or Nationalist foundations and accepts non-whites and non-Aryans into its ranks. UKIP opposes mass immigration into Britain, but accepts some levels of immigration, no matter which continent the migrant comes from.
Court Ruling on the National Socialist Salute
A Swiss federal tribunal in Lausanne has ruled that under Swiss law a 'Nazi salute' is not illegal racial discrimination provided that the salute is intended as a "personal statement of one's own political convictions."
The tribunal over-turned the earlier conviction of a Swiss Nationalist who had been charged with the offence of 'racial discrimination' when he gave a National Socialist salute during a demonstration in last year. The court declared that the NS salute was only a crime if "someone was using it to spread racist ideology" but not if they were simply declaring their own convictions. The court maintained that in Switzerland a 'Nazi salute' was still illegal if "it was being used to spread, advertise or propagate racist ideology."
Quite how that works was not made clear. British Movement uses the salute as an affirmation of belief in National Socialism or as a greeting between NS comrades.
BM activists travelling in Europe should bear in mind that the NS salute is illegal in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. The NS salute can also get you arrested in several other European countries if it is considered to be an insult to non-whites or Jews.

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