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British Movement - News & Views - April 2014

British Movement News & Views
April 2014
April 5th 2014
A group of BM activists distributed over 800 items of British Movement literature in the centre of Carlisle on Saturday 5th April. The response from the ordinary people of Carlisle was overwhelmingly positive. A good result from the combined team of activists from North-East England, North Yorkshire and Scotland.

British Movement is a National Socialist movement and is therefore non-sectarian.
The previous Labour Government sold out the Protestant community in Northern Ireland and made secret deals with Provisional Sinn Fein. The current Conservative Government has continued the charade and embraces the Marxist Republicans of Sinn Fein.
Only National Socialism can resolve the inter community tensions and differences in this troubled Province of the United Kingdom.
British Movement activists and supporters in Ulster have distributed hundreds of leaflets and other items of literature, posters and stickers over recent weeks. BM literature has been well received in Belfast and other towns and villages, the anti-immigration leaflets being put out by our activists
are being noted and read across both Protestant and Catholic communities.

British Movement posters on display outside the Loyalist Twaddell Avenue protest camp
in Belfast.

This series of pictures was just too good to ignore.
One of the international news agencies published these images this week from the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev.
MP's and Deputies from the Ukrainian Nationalist party Svoboda engaged in a direct fist fight with some communist deputies in the debating chamber.
Something like this would really liven up debates in the British Parliament's House of Commons.

White Network Broadcast - Interview
On Sunday April 6th 2014 the BM National Secretary was interviewed on the UK based section of The White Network radio programme - 'The Voice of Albion'.
The questions were set by the interviewer and the National Secretary answered a range of topics on British Movement history, personalities and current BM activities.
The On-line response has been generally favourable, with a few snide comments from the usual hostiles for whom British Movement can never do anything right.
The interview broadcast and the BM National Secretary's speech to the East Midlands BM meeting which was broadcast by 'The Voice of Albion' on the previous weekend can be accessed through the UK section of 'Stormfront'.

British Movement Contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. England. UK.

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