Sunday, April 27, 2014

British Movement News and Views - Late April 2014

British Movement News & Views
Late April 2014
April 20th - National Action - South Africa Protest
*** Apologies to NA for missing this from the previous blog
Outside the South African Embassy in London - a flash demo by National Action.
There were some BM activists taking part in this protest.

St George's Day
April 23rd 2014
Local BM led pan-Nationalist March on the streets of Hull, using England's only recognised patriotic to mark the occasion and raise the flags. The BM Sunwheel banner leads the small procession.
An enthusiastic turn out of dedicated patriots for a daytime event,  mid-week.

Some of the St George's Day marchers assembled before the start.

Part of the parade through the streets of Hull
April 19th/20th
APRIL 20th - National Socialist Day
BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire weekend outdoor event.
A suitably colourful display of flags and banners provided a backdrop to the occasion.
A presentation of Leni Reifenstahl's classic film 'Triumph of the Will' was on offer.
A campfire, comradeship, a few drinks, and over-night camping for those who wanted it.

*** Pictures to follow

British Movement contact details:
(BM) Sunwheel Office.  P O Box 6, Heckmondwike, WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire, England.


  1. Looks like the bm are putting lots of work in the north of England!!!well done !!!

  2. Well done to the BM units & volunteers up and down the country, putting in long hours of travel, time and sacrifice to support, enhance and bring on the BM and get the NS message out, the BM vision of a NS folk community is coming to fruition, lets build and support the upcoming Sunwheel Festival. Hail the BNSM. NYorks.

  3. Excellent to meet fellow NS's who came down from Yorkshire for the Anti Afrikaner Genocide demo.