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APRIL 2014 - British Movement News and Views

April 2014
BM Activity in Ulster
 The current British Movement campaign 'Immigration Has Ruined Our Nation" seems to have touched a raw nerve with the forces of multiculturalism in Ulster.
This was the response from the Northern Irish edition of the 'Daily Mirror' to a mass distribution of BM leaflets in Belfast. 
This is what the Northern Ireland edition of the 'Daily Mirror' has said about British Movement's leaflet
campaign around Belfast.
 Meanwhile - In Wales
In the villages of South Wales

Another 'British' Jihadist Killed in Syria
 The British media and the authorities continue to bury their heads in the sand as news come through that yet another 'British' volunteer has been killed in combat in Syria.
This time the dead jihadist was named as 18 year old Abdullah Deghayes who was part of the relatively small Pakistani community in Brighton. It seems from reports that have finally emerged in the press that the teenager was not the only member of his family over there, two of his brothers are also engaged in combat with Islamist forces. The Foreign Office claims that up to 400 British passport holders are currently taking part in the fighting in Syria (at least the 400 they know about or will admit to).
What kind of threat to national security or 'community cohesion' will these trained guerrilla fighters be when they return to the UK?
Isn't 'diversity' and multi-culturalism wonderful?
APRIL 20th
National Socialist Day
World Wide
An interesting viewpoint........
In an interview with a British journalist from a national newspaper, one of the Cossacks serving with one of the pro-Russian militias in Eastern Ukraine made the following observations......
" We are Cossacks, it doesn't matter where we are from."
He declined to give his name. Instead, he offered a quick history lesson,
stretching back a thousand years , to when Slavic tribes banded together
to form Kievan Rus - the dynasty that eventually flourished into modern
day Ukraine and its bigger neighbour Russia.
"We don't want Ukraine. Ukraine doesn't exist for us. There are no people
called Ukrainians. There are just Slav people who used to be in Kievan Rus,
before Jews like Trotsky divided us. We should all be together again."
No doubt the Board of Deputies, ADL, Mossad etc will have marked that Cossack's card down as unacceptable.
At the international talks in Geneva to try to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, one of the key points insisted upon by US Secretary of State John Kerry was " All sides refrain from violence and reject
expressions of extremism, racism and religious intolerance including anti-Semitism."
We wonder who could have pushed Kerry into including those last two elements?
Certainty there are stories circulating the international news agencies about hoax leaflets being sent to Jews in the Donetsk enclave requiring them to register with the ' new authorities'.
Left wing journalists have seized on these stories as 'evidence' of Ukrainian fascism and are wasting no time illustrating their reports with pictures of barricades in the pro-Russian centres covered in home-made 'anti-fascist' posters.

AND FINALLY ........
This week a British Movement supporter in Sussex sent a copy of this British Communist leaflet in to the BM Sunwheel Office for our information.

Unbelievably this piece of Communist propaganda praises Stalin as
"The Architect of Socialism and Defeater of Nazi Fascism"
What planet do these Reds live on ?

We have no idea how long this 'anti-fascist' leaflet has been in circulation but the fact that it extols Soviet dictator and all-time mass murderer Josef Stalin as a hero says it all.

BRITISH MOVEMENT - Contact details:
BM Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. England. UK.


  1. You missed out the National Socialist demonstration that happened yesterday at the South African Embassy. It was led by the new NS street protest group National Action but we had quite a few BM members there who covered Westminster with Sunwheel stickers.

    1. Sorry about that - we did not get the information through until just now.
      Please e-mail the Sunwheel office with any interesting or useful pictures.

  2. The Commie leaflet was still being circulated last year, but they use an old quote by Nick Griffin. The Russian author Aleksander Solzhenitsyn estimated in his book 'The Gulag Archipelago' that tens of millions of patriots and dissidents were killed under Soviet tyranny due to executions, contrived famines and in 'slave labour destruction camps' ( Not including the 40 million thought to have perished under Red rule in China). Note that the Communist 'Morning Star' daily newspaper is openly sold in newsagents, yet British Nationalists, Fascists and National Socialists are banned from selling their publications in such shops, even though Oswald Mosley and Arnold Leese never killed anyone!

  3. The morning star is stocked at my local shop, I am always in early while walking the dogs, and make a beeline for the rag, I collect all the issues and hide them under other papers, on our days out in Glasgow in the past we used to go into RS McColls outside the central station and collect all there copies of the morning star and either drop them in the doorway to be trod on or simply walk out the door and chuck them in the bin, the joys of youth.