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British Movement News and Views - Late March 2014

British Movement - News & Views

Late March 2014

Blood & Honour
Violent Storm Memorial Gig
March 15th 2014
British Movement members and supporters from a number of regions attended this annual event
in support of Blood and Honour, and to mark the memory of the fallen members of Violent Storm.
Such gigs are a time for comradeship, enjoyment and entertainment, but also a time to reflect on those that the British racial Nationalist movement has lost over the years. May they never be forgotten.

 Hull and East Yorkshire BM meeting
March 23rd 2014
This afternoon meeting followed the usual format for this region; a welcome address by the division organiser, a short film show; this time the subject was the threat of militant Islam.
(How many people in Britain are aware of the growing tensions between
Islamic factions in the UK?
The mainstream media are keeping very quiet about the increasing
conflict between Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims in British cities)
The meeting heard speeches from the Hull & East Riding BM organiser and a speech by one of the BM's national Young Wolf (Youth Section) organisers.
The meeting included the usual social events, buffet etc.
* waiting for images to follow.

Blackshirts of the British Union of Fascists marching on the streets of Manchester in February 1934.
Now 80 years have passed since this photograph was taken - how would those uniformed men of the BUF
feel if they could see what has become of Manchester in 2014 ?
Manchester is one of the most cosmopolitan and racially divided cities in the United Kingdom, a betrayal
of its legacy to Britain and a betrayal of the White British working-class that built Manchester up in the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century.
A Thought For Spring 2014
From Spring 1935
" We know now that once that vital spark dies out of nations and of races
then it is the end, not for a little but for all times.
And again and again in the long story of the human race, races have
struggled up to nations and nations up to mighty empires and scaled the
heights of history and thought they were safe, and lit by the flame of such
 inspiration, this Movement rises from the very soul of England, to give all,
to dare all, that England may live in greatness and in glory."
Sir Oswald Mosley.
April 1935.
*** With apologies to our comrades in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for instead of just England, British Movement embraces Britain as a whole.
Contact details:
BM - Sunwheel Office. P O Box 6. Heckmondwike. WF16 0XF. West Yorkshire. UK.
Young Wolf - British Movement Youth section
Ulster Sunwheel - Ulster Dawn - British Movement in Northern Ireland
British Movement Scotland - 'Alba Duisg'
BMWD - British Movement Women's Division


  1. Small error - Shia and Sunni are the two factions within Islam - followers of Shia are Shi'ites. Asides that good to see the BM alive and well!

  2. They all Look the Fucking Same to me ! Wp 28 Camden London

  3. Error on Islamic factions corrected - thank you for the info.
    The fact remains that the British media are keeping very quiet about this even though there have been aggressive local demonstrations by rival Islamic factions in East London and in the Midlands.

  4. The Sun ran an article yesterday on the unrest between the Muslim factions and the possible impact on locals. Hail the BM. North Yorkshire.

  5. maybe they will all fight each other..and Let us Live in peace.! Keep up the goodwork British movement yorkshire

  6. I am part of the British Movement and was in the streets yesterday and the public we're amazing. Keep up the good work BM

  7. As National Socialists you should better regarding Islam,I absolutely nothing on this blog nameing the Jew! .

  8. Islam and the threat to the UK by militant Islam was the topic in question.
    As National Socialists we frequently devote considerable space to discussing the threat to our nation posed by Zionism, the Jewish lobby, the crimes and policies of the State of Israel, the activities of the Jews in Britain and the negative impact it has on our country, the Hidden Hand, the Protocols etc etc.