Monday, March 31, 2014

British Movement News and Views - End of March Roundup

End of March Roundup

HULL & East Riding of Yorkshire Meeting
March 23rd 2014
A few images from the meeting reported on the last NS Outlook blog....late additions-

An activist from the Young Wolf BM Youth Section addresses the Hull meeting.

Some of the meeting participants smile for the camera
..... then 'Heil' for the camera.....
March 29th 2014
A team of British Movement activists from West and South Yorkshire distributed about 1,000 BM anti-immigration leaflets and other items of BM literature in Barnsley town centre. All well received, no problems, no trouble, and people were genuinely interested.
Later some of the team travelled down to take part in the East Midlands meeting.

East Midlands Meeting
March 29th 2014
 A small but enthusiastic meeting to start off the 2014 meeting schedule for the East Midlands.
In a change of format, the meeting started with a screening of the film previously shown at the Hull BM meeting on the previous weekend. This is a documentary on the threat to Britain and Europe of Islam - a shocking film that strips away the mask and reveals the horrific reality of Halal slaughter, Jihadist atrocities, and the darker elements of Sharia law and Islamic practices.
Speakers at the meeting were the BM Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire organiser, the East Midlands BMWD co-ordinator and the BM National Secretary.
A Selection of Images Taken by South Wales British Movement  
in 2014 - On Political Activities - Cultural Activities and Social Activities.
National Socialism in action in South Wales.
It is BM policy not to reveal the identities of our activists.
 The South Wales British Movement division has carried out literature distribution activities in
a number of South Wales locations including, Newport, Caerphilly, Aberdare,  Methyr, Blackwood and in the Rhondda.
South Wales BM on a cultural visit to Caerphilly Castle



  1. The Union Flag on left of last picture is being held upside down. Where do I get a BM t-shirt like on the pic?

  2. By joining ,only £15 to join!!bargain..t/shirts from blood@hounor gigs or bm shop sunwheel West Yorkshire address , heckmondwike,wf16 oxf

  3. Well spotted brother/sister, it could have been done deliberately as the flying of the union flag upside down is a sign of distress & call for assistance/help. This country is indeed in distress and requires assistance/help from all National Socialists, Racial Nationalists and generally all those who have woken from there state induced slumber. Hail the BM, North Yorkshire BNSM.

  4. Thank you for Standing Tall !

  5. jorvikskin@gmail.comApril 6, 2014 at 2:05 AM

    Thanks for the info Racial Comrade. It's Brother or F cking Bonehead :0) as I heard some white scum call me the other day under its breath :0)

  6. Why do you hide your faces?

  7. It has been BM policy for a number of years not to show the faces of our activists, members or supporters in publications or on the internet.
    It is well known that any number of hostile agencies scour through racial Nationalist sites and publications to identify individuals and to build up dossiers on so-called persons of interest.
    We do not intend to give our enemies a helping hand by providing photographs of faces or names.