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February 2014 - BM News and Views

February 2014
British Movement News & Views

Floods and Storms - Put The British People First
Cancel Foreign Aid - Re-direct The Money To Where OUR People Need It
The tremendous level of damage being caused by Winter storms along Britain's coasts and the inland flooding needs millions of pounds to repair and to re-build. The lacklustre 'democratic' government flounders to deal with the situation, incompetent government ministers fumble along to stage photo-opportunity Public Relations (propaganda) exercises and ordinary British people suffer.
Money can be found - if the government was strong enough to halt all Foreign Aid payments and re-direct the money to where it is needed.
 Not just to rebuild roads, bridges, the south-west rail network, flood defences and sea walls or dredge rivers, but to help compensate farms, businesses, families and people made homeless by the storms and floods. Past experience shows that the capitalist driven insurance companies will employ every legal loop-hole to avoid paying out in full and local government agencies will duck and dive to avoid spending their cash reserves.
Instead of sending money overseas to assorted Third World projects, divert the money to the disaster areas of South-West England, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Kent, South Wales, West Wales and East Anglia. Wherever this Winter has struck hard, use Foreign Aid cash to meet our peoples' needs.
Why is this government sending millions of pounds of aid to India?
India has one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world, India is a nuclear power, India has launched its own Space Programme - stop sending British tax-payers money to India !
National Socialism puts OUR own people first - Halt all Foreign Aid - Look after our own.
January 31st
A team of activists from East Midlands BM travelled down to Coventry to support a protest by
National Action. Despite terrible weather, heavy rain and strong winds, the BM team stood shoulder to shoulder with the young street campaigners of National Action outside a Coventry restaurant which has been selling halal meat without informing customers that all meat dishes served there are in fact halal. BM leaflets and NA leaflets were distributed to the general public for at least two hours before the police arrived to break up the protest. But as the BM organiser present stated later, after two hours of leafleting and picketing the premises it was 'Job Done'.
(See BM Young Wolf blog for detailed report)

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  1. Hail the BNSM, A lot of good work was done over the weekend by National Socialist & Racial Nationalist volunteers, BMSW, NPF & NF were out on the streets spreading the gospel, all seperate groups but spreading the same message. 2014 is the year to wake up the British people, do your bit. Anyone interested - Young Wolf are back on Facebook, if you can support YW and BMSW. NYorkshire.

  2. well done bmsw.nyorkshire .Keep the faith,14 words ..