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British Movement - News and Views - Mid-February

British Movement - News & Views
Mid-February 2014
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The Floods
The London based political elite of Prime Minister Cameron's government only became interested when the River Thames began threatening Conservative areas of the Thames Valley or when the coastal storms threatened the holiday homes of some MP's in Cornwall.
As the Thames floods the commuter belt homes of wealthy Tory supporters and the waters start to threaten multi-cultural, metropolitan London the Establishment suddenly mobilise resources and the military.  What a contrast to the lack of help and resources for storm damaged coastal areas of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, or the massive flooding of areas of Somerset and Wiltshire.
A National Socialist government would act immediately in the interests of our Folk - there would be a National emergency organisation established to deal with such situations, complete with resources, funds, equipment and man-power.
 'British' Jihadists in Syria
If These People Had Not Been Allowed to Settle Here
These Problems Would Not Exist
 This week the UK security services have announced that they are "finding it difficult" to keep track of so-called 'British' citizens who have been fighting as jihadists in Syria, when they return to live in the UK.
What the multi-culturalists over here seem to find difficult to understand is how members of ethnic minority communities, obviously embracing British values and loving diversity and community cohesion, fail to fully integrate into British society and volunteer to fight for jihad in overseas conflicts. Some go to fight in Afghanistan, some to Somalia, some to Syria.
Their families, wives, children, dependents stay behind in the UK to embrace those important aspects of British society they like to embrace; free education, free health care, housing benefits, income support, social security payments  etc. etc.

Model UK citizen Anil Khalil Raofi - killed in action in Syria
He has been a British subject for ten years - previously a citizen of Afghanistan
This week not one but two 'home-grown jihadists have been in the news, neither have been gullible teenagers lured into a fatal adventure by some fanatics at their local mosque, both have been older men with families, allegedly loyal British subjects.
A resident of Crawley in West Sussex, 41 years old Abdul Waheed Majeed was killed driving a truck bomb in a jihadist attack in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
From Manchester Anil Khalil Raofi - reportedly killed in combat fighting alongside other Islamist volunteers.
These men are not the first British passport holders to die on jihad.
 How many more jihadist volunteers from Britain are there out in Syria and elsewhere?
Which mosques in the UK are acting as recruiting stations?
How much money is being donated by UK based Muslim colonists?
Why are these trained killers being allowed back into the UK?
Instead of harassing White British racial Nationalists, the police and security services should put their efforts in to shutting down the jihadist networks in Britain and deported all those involved to their countries of origin together with all their family members and dependents. Those born in the UK should go back to the countries of parental/racial/ethnic origins.
Switzerland Turns Against Immigration
 Swiss voters reject mass immigration - a first blow against multi-culturalism in Europe.
 Last Sunday a referendum in Switzerland voted to curb immigration and scrapped Switzerland's part in the EU bi-lateral agreement on migration. The Swiss have rejected the 'free movement' of EU cross border migration and sets a cap on immigration. This is the first step in a European country taking counter measures against globalisation and multi-culturalism - a small first step in the right direction.
The forces of liberal outrage are already pointing the finger of blame at the Swiss People's Party, SVP, and accusing the Swiss of 'racism'.
We can expect the internationalist and globalist forces with the EU bureaucracy to start a campaign to 'punish' the Swiss for daring to stand up for national interests.
A small victory for the SVP but it shows the rest of Europe that these things can be done.


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  2. When are you heading back into Scotland? Hold a medting, invite guests and see if a Scotland branch can be opened up. Need growth outside North England

  3. how many of us in Scotland is there left ??

    1. It does not matter if it be but two, three five or 50. As long as a couple of people are willing to do something. Out of small acorns grow great oak trees.

      Are you willing to help get things moving? It only needs two working together, slowly you will become four active, then 10 and on to 20, 50.

      It takes vision and a willingness to see that start happening. First of all I would staft up a NS Scotland blogsite. Then a social gathering of long term members with invited guests.

  4. Well said. It is up to NS members in Scotland to stand up and be counted. If each person does just a little to help a lot can be achieved