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British Movement News, Views and Opinions - January 2014

 British Movement News & Views & Opinions
End of January 2014
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The Sunwheel Office (BM)  P O Box 6. Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0XF. England.

Getting the Word Out On the Streets
British Movement activists distributing BM literature in the centre of Selby, North Yorkshire on January 18th.
Over a dozen BM activists gathered in the town centre and were able to put out a large quantity of BM literature without any kind of difficulties.

The Three Musketeers on BBC TV
Now a Black Musketeer !
Multi- Culturalism Comes to Costume Drama Casting
For some reason the BBC television adaptation of the Three Musketeers has cast a black (mixed-race)
actor in the role of the character of Porthos. Why?
Is it as one newspaper columnist noted, " the one obligatory part-black character to prove that multiculturalist, political correctness outweighs historical accuracy?"
Most tedious, and for this NS blogger the most insulting, was the comment by the commentator Stuart Jeffries, which appeared in the pages of the "Guardian" 'g2' supplement on January 29th.
After making some historically dubious assertions that Beethoven was in fact black, and that George the Third's consort Queen Charlotte had "African ancestry", He applauded so-called 'theories' that are, as he puts it, "shattering to white supremacists". Really ?
Apparently Stuart Jeffries totally approves of a non-white actor playing the part of Porthos, and concluded his multi-culturalist commentary with the words,
"it's worth casting a black actor as Porthos - to shake some Europeans out of their racist delusions."
Which is an interesting insight into liberal thinking.

 The Great War - 100 Years Anniversary
This year will see the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First world War in 1914.
In an anticipated avalanche of documentaries and historical publications, it can be expected that the forces of multi-culturalism will be bombarding the British public with stories about black and Asian soldiers fighting for Britain between 1914 and 1918.  Historical facts will be ignored and the presence of non-white troops exaggerated in order to 'prove' that Britain's war effort was in fact 'multi-racial' etc. etc. etc. and that modern Britain owes these people a debt of gratitude etc. etc. etc.
Naturally modern school-children will be expected to acknowledge this 'fact' and of course all the non-white school kids will feel included in the commemorations because it is so 'obvious' that Britain
could not have fought the Great War without the 'heroism' of so many black and Asian soldiers.
Yet another re-writing of British history to fit the multi-cultural model.

 Gabor Vona - Jobbik leader
Hungarian Nationalist Visit to London
 The usual suspects tried to whip up opposition to his recent visit to Britain  and unsuccessfully badgered the Home Office, begging Home Secretary to ban the Jobbik leader from entering Britain.
Hysteria on the anti-fascist fringe failed to prevent Gabor Vona speaking in London in public places at an outdoor meeting in Hyde Park.
Desperate to turn failure into victory the usual Marxist scribblers claimed that they disrupted Gabor Vona's meetings and as always the heroic forces of anti-racism triumphed. Ignoring the fact that they had claimed that the strength of their campaign would keep him out of London in the first place.
Word is that the Hungarian politician returned to Budapest, but before leaving filed a formal complaint through the Hungarian Embassy that the Metropolitan police had failed to prevent
political trouble-makers from harassing people attending his legal, public meetings.

According to more Left - wing journalists - Nationalists are to blame.
In the previous NS Outlook blog we pointed out that the unrest in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev was being blamed by leftist elements in the British media on Ukrainian nationalists, and claimed that the anti-government violence was being orchestrated by an alliance of groups known as the "Right Sector".
Now according to "Guardian" journalist Seumas Milne,
"Fascists and oligarchs are at the heart of the Kiev protests."
Milne goes on to warn the "Guardian's" traditionally liberal and left-wing readership not to be sucked in to supporting the revolutionary events in the Ukraine, because of the nationalist nature of those challenging the Ukrainian government.
He points out to his readers that in the city of Lvov, the ruling political party recently staged a 15,000 strong torchlight march through the city in memory of the great Ukrainian nationalist leader of the 1930's and early 1940's Stephan Bandera. Milnes being quick to point out that many Banderites fought on the German side during the Second World War, and according to Milnes, "took part in massacres of Jews."
This conveniently ignores the historical truth that Stephan Bandera actually fell out with the Germans and was arrested and detained by the German authorities in the mid-war years.
Apparently those Ukrainian racial sentiments have not gone away, much to Milnes' horror, one of the main Ukrainian opposition parties, Svoboda, is actually, "hard-right anti-Semitic".
Phew !   No doubt "Guardian" readers will be thrown into a panic by all that.
This blog would be interested to hear from English speaking Ukrainian Nationalists about what is really going on in their country - NS Outlook invites their comments.


  1. A black Musketeer, i had no intention of watching this programme, you have helped make my case, Bloody BBC. Well done to the activists who distributed in Selby. There is some good work going on in the North East by the North East and Borders Patriotic Front activists carrying out similar work distributing and talking to locals. The South Wales BM are active on Facebook? Keep up the good fight BM. NYorkshire.

  2. well done guys,Keep up the good work.

    1. Justice was served today..outside the oldbaily...r.i.p drummer Lee rigby. . moselum Scum we're sentenced,Life... Thanks to...bnp.. Edl...Nf.. bf...etc...we're taking our country s ...back!!!Paul conway

  3. R.i.p. the welsh Band ""violent storm"""""13.3.1992 r i p.,...we used ti go to See them about 2o years ago ..Thanks Paul conway London 28