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British Movement - News and Views - Late January

Late January 2014

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 Not So Tolerant Members of Multi-Cultural Britain's Community Cohesion
 We have always maintained that the ethnic minorities only support multi-culturalism when it suits them, and that what the liberals and the Left call 'community cohesion' does not really exist.
A court case from Blackburn, Lancashire this week has illustrated how wafer thin the coalition and cohesion between ethnic minorities and other 'minority' groups really is.
On Friday at Preston Crown Court, six members of a so-called, "traditional Muslim family",
  were jailed for a whole range of offences; attempted kidnap, conspiracy to commit actual body harm, robbery, battery, possession of offensive weapons.
The reason behind this was that the brothers and sisters of 28 year old Nazma Ditta, objected to her lesbian relationship with a White, non-Muslim woman.
Some of the statements heard in court would no doubt upset many liberal and Left-wing defenders of the Asian colonisers of Blackburn.
The court heard how the sisters claimed that a teacher at their local mosque told them to " take action now or it might be too late" and gave the family 'permission' to be violent.
The brother and sisters attacked their sister's lesbian lover outside her place of work, punched and kicked her to the ground, and tried to drag her by the hair into a waiting car.
Witnesses heard them shouting in English, " You've messed with the wrong Muslims, we're going to kill you."
(Very tolerant we are sure and sensitive to other minorities)
The judge said that the violent acts were motivated by, " religious and racial hatred as well as disapproval of their sister's sexuality."
 And the liberals claim that it is always  White British intolerance that undermines multi-culturalism !
How A Liberal Views Multi-Cultural Britain
This little gem appeared in the letters page of the newspaper "The Reading Post " written by Liberal Democrat councillor for Tilehurst,  Merl O'Connell, in response to comments by a UKIP supporter.
Captioned - "Proud to live in a town with mix of cultures"
"I fear that Brian Jarvis has let slip the pretence that UKIP is not a home
for closet racists by his use of the phrase 'mongrelisation of this once
Great Britain' (Reading Post, Wednesday, January 8th.)
He was referring to the 'make-up of the British populace' and our 'already
mixed culture.'
One can only presume that Mr Jarvis believes that people of different race
and culture should not be mixing.
I looked up 'mongrel' in the Oxford Dictionary and it is defined as;
Dog of no discernible type or breed; other animals resulting from
crossing of different breeds or types; person not of pure race.'
Mr Jarvis implies that the children of loving partnerships and marriages
are making Great Britain a country that is not racially pure.
I have lived in Reading all my life and am proud of its vibrantly diverse
 mix of races and cultures.
When Nick Griffin of the BNP appeared on Question Time he said that
the indigenous people of Britain were the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish,
but throughout recorded history our island has consisted of multiple cultural
groups and identities - there are no racially pure people.
Humanity's gene pool has never been a static thing, it has continued to evolve
and strengthen itself.
We all know the potentially disastrous consequences associated with too much
I hope that when election time comes, Reading voters who have family, friends
and neighbours from different countries and races remembers that UKIP hides
in its ranks people who hold these beliefs (and I call them that, as they do
not have any kind of factual basis), and give their vote to parties that believe
in social equality and justice for all."
What an insight into how the liberal mind works; how ill-informed about race, the human gene pool, and the peoples and cultures in British history that Cllr. Merl O'Connell is - does Merl O'Connell not realise that contrary to the rubbish he writes here, throughout the recorded history our islands have in fact consisted of multiple cultural groups and identities drawn from the tribes of Western Europe NOT different racial groups.
 When will these liberal race-mixers get their facts straight?
 *** Not that British Movement regards UKIP as anything but a Tory fringe with no credentials
in the cause of British racial Nationalism.
A Letter From Northern Ireland - This is the reality of multi-culturalism
 This week the BM Sunwheel Office received this interesting letter from a young woman in Portadown, Northern Ireland.
"  I am a Northern Irish Protestant and have always prided
myself on neither being sectarian or racist.
I have received a few of your leaflets and have read them well
and understand where your party are coming from.
In Portadown there are a very high level of immigrants from 
Portuguese, Romanians, Muslims and Lithuanians.
Getting allocated a house if you are a local is virtually impossible
and nursery and school places have to be fought for because immigrant
children are prioritised.
The Romanians have no respect for our culture whatsoever. Their children
urinate outside in the street while our children watch in shock. Their
parents beat their children with sticks, if we had done that we would
be charged for child cruelty. I have rang social services on many
occasions, but when they get a visit they suddenly disappear.
In the housing estate where my sister lives, Muslim men take the law
into their own hands. On one occasion there was a fair fight between
a Muslim lad and a local lad. The local lad won. Shortly after that,
these Muslim men, one of them the boy's father, got the lad and they
were going to beat the local boy with belts, only for two local men interfering.
Police were told, and their response was that, "They have to live here too."
It is frustrating.
All the immigrants can say in English is, 'Bullying, RACISM and intimidation'
then they have their way.
I am 100% behind your party and wish that you would set up in Northern Ireland
as I would vote for you.
Northern Ireland has seen enough over the years and it has been hard going
for both Catholic and Protestant to reconcile and try to get on.
Schools are still segregated but immigrants get into any of them, while neither
Protestant or Catholic could be taught together.
I could write for ages and you would probably get fed up reading as I am
sure your party has heard many examples of what is going on in our
You are doing well spreading your word and even in Northern Ireland
people speak well of, and support your party.
*** Of course British Movement is active in Northern Ireland, but BM does not follow an electoral path. This letter shows how ordinary British men and women can come to support BM's National Socialist message when they have had their noses rubbed in the dirty reality of multi-culturalism.
We can use this rejection of the consequences of immigration to our advantage.
We Will Have Our Country Back !
UKRAINE - A Revolution is Taking Place
 The riots and political confrontations in the Ukraine capital of Kiev are stirring up a range of media news reports and it has not taken long for Left-wing journalists to point the finger for the clashes and violence at what the Left call, " Nationalist and Far-right groups."
According to one leftist 'observer' the violence has been orchestrated by a political alliance called,
'the Right Sector'. (Pravy Sektor)
Media outlets allege that evidence for Ukrainian Nationalists are fighting to build a national revolution, slogans such as,
" Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Glory to the Nation! Ukraine above everything!"
It is no surprise that the media are blaming Nationalists for the fighting against the government, it seems many of the protestors are against joining the European Union, quoted by the 'Guardian' reporter Shaun Walker was a statement by one Pravy Sektor protestor in Kiev,
"For us Europe is not an issue, in fact joining with Europe would be the death of Ukraine.
Europe means the death of the nation state and the death of Christianity.
We want a Ukraine for the Ukrainians, run by Ukrainians, and not serving the interests of others."
Certainly the EU bureaucrats and apparatchiks in Brussels will not be happy to hear such anti-EU sentiments and will no doubt soon be bringing 'EU interventions' in support of Ukrainian President Yanukovych.
NS Outlook is watching the situation in Kiev with interest.
This blog would be interested to hear from Ukrainian Nationalists about the truth of what is happening in Kiev and other parts of Ukraine.


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