Thursday, June 20, 2013

Against the Odds - BM Street Activity in the Heart of 'Red' Sheffield

Against the Odds
BM Street Activity in the Heart of 'Red' Sheffield
The BM 'Sheffield Eight'
Fargate - Sheffield City Centre - Saturday afternoon - June 15th 2013
Sheffield is a notoriously Left-wing hotbed, the University supplies a source of liberal and Leftist students, the city has a past reputation for Marxist inspired politics, for years the Communist Party had a large office building in the centre of Sheffield, in the late 1970's and early 1980's the city claimed to be the heart of the self-styled 'Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire.'
During that period of Left-wing domination the Red Flag was actually flown above the Town Hall and the various factions of the Far-Left flouted their presence in the city.
After taking part in a successful pan-Nationalist demonstration in Bury on June 8th, some BM activists decided that it was time to hold a protest over the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby and to demonstrate a rejection of multi-culturalism in the centre of Sheffield.
Unfortunately the plan did not work out as hoped, given the short period of notice, only a handful of BM activists and supporters mustered in a city centre pub, but undaunted the 'Sheffield Eight' set out into the shopping centre in a determined mood.
The BM group assembled on the Fargate, unfurled flags and began to distribute leaflets to the passing shoppers.
There was a stall at one end of Fargate manned by a small band of SWP people, at first they did not notice the BM presence, but quickly became aware of the leafleting team.
At first the Reds were confused, dumb-struck that there were NS activists openly passing out leaflets and protesting in the shopping centre.
Quickly the SWP crew called in re-inforcements from an Occupy Sheffield site some streets away.
In short time, a crowd of about 100 Reds - SWP and UAF plus handers on had surrounded the BM group - the eight stalwarts defiantly stood their ground and ignored attempts to intimidate them.
One of the 'Sheffield Eight' holding a Lions of England flag commented that one of the Reds repeatedly demanded he surrender his flag, naturally the BM man refused. He noted that this particular Red was a strange, shabby looking man with missing front teeth, he looked deranged,
possibly mentally disturbed or on drugs, or both.
The calm response of the 'Sheffield Eight' and their refusal to heed the Leftist taunts and threats drove one female Marxist into a frenzy, ignoring the BM activists handing out leaflets, she launched herself at the man holding a Sunwheel banner.
The sight of the red, white and blue Aryan symbol enraged the Red female and she clawed at the hands of the BM activist holding the flag. He held fast and refused to yield.
Of course the police arrived and in the best traditions of democracy and community policing took no action against the Reds and ordered the BM group out of town.
So a dignified walk to the railway station under police escort - heads held high.
Lessons will be learned from this activity and at least there was some press coverage in local newspapers and on local radio news.

These two specimens of the opposition in Sheffield city centre were typical of the crowd of 'Reds' and fellow travellers who gathered on Fargate. As the female argues with a BM activist handing out leaflets, the black guy looks baffled that there are actually people out there who reject 'wonderful multi-culturalism'. 

A pair of Reds from the Socialist Workers Party are stunned to find a group of determined British Movement activists handing out leaflets in 'their' city.
 Multi-racial city centres are not the best setting for taking the British National Socialist message out to the public, but there are occasions when the flag has to be shown and a stand has to be taken.
The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on the streets of London, the most multi-racial and multi-cultural city in the United Kingdom is cause enough for our activists to get onto the streets.

A violently aggressive female Leftist launches an attack to try to snatch the BM Sunwheel flag, from the hands of a BM activist.

The expression on the face of this angry Marxist female says it all, her violent attempts to desecrate a BM Sunwheel banner failed.
The sight of the BM's Aryan flag drove this representative of Left-wing militancy almost crazy.
*An action report from one of the 'Sheffield Eight' appears on the BM Youth Blog site
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Monday, June 10, 2013

After Woolwich, The Protests Continue - The State Don't Like It.

The Post-Woolwich Atrocity Protests By British Racial Nationalists Continue
The State Does Not Like This - So How Long Before There Is A Staged 'Racist' Terrorist Attack?
 Will There Be a 'False-flag' Incident?

Over recent weeks there has been no let up by patriotic White British Nationalists, racial-Nationalists and National Socialists staging protests across the country against the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by 'home-grown' Islamic terrorists.

A British Movement activist shows his patriotism during a pan-Nationalist protest in Oldham town centre.
Many of these protests have been local, small scale events, in many cases, different parties and organisations have put aside any ideological differences to pool resources and demonstrate a unity of minds, denouncing multi-culturalism and its toxic side-effects like 'home-grown' jihadists and continued immigration and colonisation of our homeland by the surplus population of the Third World.
Predictably the Establishment is continuing to defend its multi-cultural ant-heap experiment; the State is sworn to protect 'Diversity' and equally predictably the forces of the political Left and their BME
(Black Minority Ethnic) allies have overcome their initial shocked silence at the brutal reality of the Woolwich Atrocity and are now standing together to denounce anyone and everyone who thinks that a multi-racial Britain is a bad thing. They say that whatever happens, diversity and 'community cohesion' must be protected and evil racists are trying to use the Woolwich murder as an excuse to divide communities.
 Unbelievable! It was not a couple of White British Nationalists hacking defenceless Lee Rigby to death on a street in South-East London - it was two black (Nigerian heritage Britons of West African origins - if you want to be a liberal, politically correct), Islamic converts, dedicated to jihad.
So who, by their actions was attacking and dividing communities there?
National Front and British Movement protestors join forces - June 1st 2013.
Pan-Nationalist protests took place in Oldham and Rochdale.
The British people need to wake up and take a good look at what immigration and the internationalist, globalist, Marxist theories of multi-culturalism have done to OUR country.
In the two weeks since the Woolwich Atrocity there have been scattered acts of violence that have spilled out of the national sense of anger and outrage. But OUR people have not resorted to bullets and bombs, unlike the 'home-grown' jihadists.
Of course the State and the assorted anti-racist organisations have seized on these incidents as a way to divert attention away from the brutality of the murder in Woolwich and to switch outrage and anger on to those 'evil racists' who are using Woolwich as an excuse to attack the minority communities. Pure propaganda - a convenient smokescreen.
How long will it be before the State organises a 'False-flag' atrocity to bring the full wait of the police and security services down onto the White British resistance organisations?
Although the British racial-Nationalist cause has a legal right to protest and peacefully express a political opinion, the police still treat our activists like criminals just for daring to make a political statement on a British street.
The State does not want the White British population to have a rallying point against multi-culturalism and 'they' will do whatever it takes to prevent an upsurge in popular support for racial-Nationalism and National Socialism.
Watch out for agents-provocateurs and another 'mad-bomber David Copeland' type emerging.
Meanwhile, let the joint protests continue - we must set our ideological differences aside and stand united in support of the '14 Words' and the belief that we can take our country back.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1st 2013 - Day of Nationalist Action

The Media and the 'Anti-Racists' are Calling it a 'Day of Hate'
The Woolwich Atrocity is a raw wound in our Nation's , it is just over a week ago that an unarmed, serving British soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby was butchered on a London street by two Islamic jihadists. Both killers were born in the UK of Nigerian immigrant parents and had converted to Islam.
The shock and horror of that event, and the knowledge that this latest horror was yet another by-product of the multi-racial, multi-cultural society, that modern Britain has become through decades of non-white immigration, has fuelled tremendous anger and grief amongst the patriotic elements of the White British majority population.
Hence, today, many British patriots, racial Nationalists and National Socialists will be taking part in protests across the country.
We, the White British, have had enough.
But the mainstream politicians, the media, the political Left and the police want to deny us this opportunity to express OUR outrage, OUR grief, OUR anger, and OUR right to political expression.
This is why the political Left and their media collaborators are calling today a 'Day of Hate'.
This is why the Metropolitan Police have forced the British National Party to change their plans for a march through London to Woolwich.
This is why the police across the country are restricting protests by the English Defence League today.
And, this is why protests by members and supporters of British Movement, the National Front and other patriotic organisations will be contained and harassed as they try to stage peaceful protests today.
Last weekend there were a good number of protests across British towns and cities, marking the distress felt by White British racial activists about the Woolwich Atrocity.
Today, with the advantage of advanced planning there will be many more.
But the Establishment does not want our protests to take place.
Leeds City Centre - May 25th 2013 - BM activists protesting about the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.
The news media are all ready parroting the anti-racist line that these protests are intended to stir up hatred and incite violence against ethnic minority groups and Muslims.
NO! These protests are the legitimate expression of an alternative political position to multi-racial, multi-culturalism. Professional anti-racists are claiming that the sole intent of these protests is to 'divide communities'.
NO! OUR Community is already divided -  Britain is being colonised and we, the White Resistance are hounded and persecuted for merely speaking out against it.
The British political Establishment, the Media, the Political Left and the police refuse to accept that We have a legitimate viewpoint, and we must be crushed and silenced, forced to accept a multi-racial society.
If any of our over-seas readers of this blog doubt this is true, then check out the footage on You Tube,
'Pregnant girl with flag arrested in Oldham'
This footage was filmed last weekend, Saturday May 25th 2013 in the town of Oldham in Lancashire.
A pregnant 19 year old girl was arrested, hand-cuffed and put in a police van because she was
taking part in a pan-Nationalist protest in the town centre, and was holding a Union flag and a small banner that said 'No More Mosques'.
An Asian on-looker complained and called the Police - so the girl was arrested and her flag confiscated because the Asian said he was offended.
When the film went on You Tube - Greater Manchester Police actually denied that the arrest had taken place !  Even though the film clearly shows several uniformed officers arresting the girl, (how many police men does it take to arrest a compliant and pregnant teenager?) Then the police claimed that she was not hand-cuffed, was not put in the van, and voluntarily gave up her flags!
Check out the film clip - the truth is very different. 
A British Movement activist present at the scene said that the film does show what happened and the girl was arrested, was put in the TAU van and the flags - including the Union flag were seized and confiscated. This was a peaceful protest. (Until the Asian complained).
Overseas readers of this blog- please take note - There is no such thing as Free Speech in the UK.
Britain has some of the most draconian laws on political criticism  and expression on the subjects of race, immigration and religion in the Western world.
British police officers are trained to treat any kind of offending remarks towards members of non-white ethnic groups as serious arrestable crimes.
Anything which can be considered as causing offence to a black or Asian person by a White person is a serious matter leading to automatic arrest.
(See the Oldham footage)
British police go through intensive training on race awareness, cultural sensitivity, religious respect and anti-racist training.
In any confrontation between white people and non-whites, race is the first and last word.
God help any White British person who calls an Asian a 'Paki' in front of a police officer - using that word is automatic arrest for racial abuse - which is classed as a 'hate crime'.
If a White British person uses the word 'Nigger' in front of a police officer they will be arrested.
One word is all it takes.
That is the reality of racial policing in Britain today.
And they wonder why so many White, British patriots are protesting today over the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby - the Woolwich Atrocity .
              British Movement and National Front activists join forces at the War Memorial in Leeds city centre on Saturday May 25th 2013 to protest about the Woolwich Atrocity.