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The Stephen Lawrence Saga - A stick they will use for years to come to beat the White British into submission.

The Stephen Lawrence Saga
The Stick the Multi-culturalists use to Beat the White British
Part of the Enforcement Tactics to Browbeat the Indigenous British into Accepting
a Multi-Racial Society.
Unbelievably, this week has seen numerous reminders by left-wing and multi-culturalist media outlets, that it is the so-called, '20th Anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence'.   
Why is this so important to them?
Have there not been other 'racist' murders?
What about White victims of racist murders?
It is only a month ago that this blog site raised the memory of Kris Donald, the 15 year old, White Glaswegian boy who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a racist Asian gang.
The political Left are obsessed with the Stephen Lawrence story. It is the one murder that is used to constantly remind the black population of Britain that they are the victims of a 'racist' society and that all the British bodies of authority are 'institutionally racist', and have to be changed.
Everything has to be geared to a multi-racial, multi-cultural agenda.
This is because the anti-racists and their liberal fellow-travellers know that the bulk of the indigenous White British population (still the majority despite all their efforts) do not like the idea of a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain. 
This was the headline for the pro-multi-culturalist 'Guardian' supplement this week.
The 'Guardian' is a mainstream national newspaper, and pro-Left/liberal.
This week it has carried Stephen Lawrence articles for several days.
All the reports in a four page spread were written by black commentators on the 'meaning' of Stephen Lawrence
for them and their experiences in 'racist' Britain.

A typically left-wing, multi-culturalist statement from the 'Guardian' articles.
What exactly do they mean by the comment - " shocked Britain and forced the country to
take a hard look at itself"?
No it did not! It was used by certain politically motivated elements with the liberal elite and the media to force through an agenda that they wanted to impose on the majority population.
Outside London and its metropolitan political framework of think-tanks and opinion shapers, the murder of Stephen Lawrence was just another killing on a London street. It was the media that generated and inflated the story into the Left-wing cause celebre that it remains.

Sadly, too many ordinary White British people are taken in by this propaganda barrage.
There is an alternative view, a racial Nationalist view, a British National Socialist view, and contrary to what the self-styled anti-racists say, is not founded on hatred. It is founded on the need for the White British to survive as the majority in their own country and to preserve and defend their identity, culture, heritage,  traditions and most importantly their untainted racial gene-pool.

The front of a leaflet anonymously produced in South-East London by angry White Londoners in 2012.
This leaflet counters the tidal wave of Stephen Lawrence publicity and highlights the lack of comparable coverage to White victims of racial violence.
This particular sample was sent posted anonymously to the British Movement Sunwheel Office from Eltham, South East London last year.
 The Stephen Lawrence case is a one-way campaign to exploit liberal white guilt and leftist white self-hatred. Every article about the case raises the old left-wing image of 'white racism' - reminding the black population of London and other British towns and cities that they are the victims of discrimination and prejudice - Stephen Lawrence is the totem of their suffering.
Why is this not considered as stirring up hatred against the white British majority?
Why do 'they', the multi-culturalists always demand that WE the White British have to change?
WE, the indigenous White British did not ask these people to colonise OUR country.
They came here at the invitation of big-business, ideologically driven politicians, and unscrupulous post-1945 government mandarins who wanted to import cheap labour.
The non-whites were not invited here by the ordinary White British, but we are the ones who are punished and brow-beaten for refusing to accept a multi-racial society.

The reverse side of the same leaflet criticising the trial of Norris and Dobson, the men convicted of the Stephen Lawrence murder. The leaflet angrily raises a number of probing questions the liberal media chooses to ignore.

The Stephen Lawrence story is used as an image by the multi-culturalists to remind the non-whites that they have suffered for years at the hands of the British - all the lessons in citizenship in British schools point an finger at the White British as all the old images are trotted out - colonial exploitation, the slave trade, British imperialism - no guesses as to who the villains are, and of course - racial prejudice here in the UK. So White children have to feel guilty about there past and black and brown children can feel angry and demand their rights.


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