Friday, April 5, 2013

Di Canio - 'Fascism' - Sunderland FC - The Usual Left-Wing Media Circus

Paolo Di Canio - Italian Fascism - Sunderland FC - The Anti-Racist Hysteria
All in just one week!
Sunderland FC appointed the highly skilled Italian professional footballer/football coach/football commentator/ football club manager; as club manager just over a week ago and every day since then the media and political Left have staged a circus of hysteria and political one-upmanship.
Unfortunately this left-wing circus is likely to continue for some time as each 'lefty' faction tries to get on the bandwagon and grab the media spotlight. No one should be surprised to see the usual collection of placard waving 'anti-racists' outside the Stadium of Light at the next home game.
We can be sure that there will be a handful of attention-seeking 'activists' wearing yellow-star badges or 'pyjama striped concentration camp suits', who will try to embarrass Di Canio by rushing towards his dugout seat on the touch-line. The cameras will click and they will scream and shout their well-rehearsed outrage that a self-declared Fascist is managing the team.
Or is he a self-declared Fascist?
Across the week, every lefty media hack worth his or her salt has had an opinion on Paolo Di Canio, not of it complimentary, and mostly based on what other left-wing media sources have told them.
It has been a classic example of how the very loud political minority of the Left tries to bully the majority of the population into toe-ing the ideological line that the Left have drawn.
In the anti-racist book there is no room for differing or alternative opinions, it is their way or no way.
Consider the number of football grounds that have permanent banners on display saying;
"Show Racism the Red Card" or "Kick it Out" <meaning racism> but there are no banners on display giving an opposing opinion; if there was real equality of opinion and expression why not banners saying "Stop Immigration" or " White, British and Proud!" on the opposite side of the ground? 
Vocal pressure groups like  'Kick it Out' or the odious Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are a noisy minority but create enough media attention to force the Football Association and individual clubs to follow the agenda that they dictate. It is high time that the silent majority raised their voices and made the FA and clubs take notice of an alternative and valid viewpoint.
Of course the news media have gone along with the nonsense about Di Canio and have given publicity to every utterance against him and his alleged personal political position.
Every day has seen a different headline on the sports pages of newspapers,
" How can football consider itself a beautiful game and justify Paolo Di Canio's Nazi salute?"
" Di Canio refuses chance to deny support for fascism" - that was Wednesday April 3rd.
"Di Canio : I'm no fascist" - that was Thursday April 4th.
"Di Canio embraces democracy in attempt to save Sunderland" - Friday April 5th.
Of course the last couple of headlines were probably the idea of the Sunderland PR team rather than anything Mr Di Canio might have come up with himself. One wonders what his former fans at Lazio make of the last couple of statements attributed to Di Canio. 
Then there has been the circus of anti-racists trying to outdo each other in expressing their anguish of Sunderland being managed by 'this man'. Newspaper letter pages have been flooded with letters all expressing the same kind of snivelling commentary along the lines of;
" I am a life-long Sunderland Supporter, Labour Party member/Trade Unionist/ CND/ anti-racist
(delete as appropriate) How can I attend another home game knowing THAT MAN is managing MY team?"
A classic piece of political one-upmanship came when David Milliband, recently resigned as the local Labour Party Member of Parliament, resigned his position on Sunderland's board. One cynical left-wing journalist pointed out that Milliband was indulging in 'gesture politics'. He had already resigned as MP and is heading for a high profile (and lucrative) job with a charity based in the USA, so it is unlikely he would be attending many Sunderland games in the future, as he is going to be living in New York.
Best of all was the so-called 'Open letter' to Di Canio from the Dean of Durham, the Very Reverend Michael Sadgrove, who very publicly posted his thoughts to Di Canio on the club website.
It seems that the Very Reverend Sadgrove is not only a Sunderland Supporter, but is also the son of a Jewish woman who came to Britain as a refugee in the 1930's; his letter not only managed to raise the subject of Fascism, Di Canio's supposed tattoos glorifying Il Duce, racism, the death camps etc but also the political campaigns of the British National Party in the North East of England!.
WOW!  That was some feat of letter writing!
The Very Reverend Sadgrove called on Di Canio, "But I believe that unless you clearly renounce
fascism in all its manifestations, you will be associated with these toxic far-right tendencies."
So no scope for Mr Di Canio to be entitled to his own private political opinions then?
But that is how the anti-racist Left operates - it is either their way or no way.
High time this nonsense was challenged and put in its place!


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