Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little More Than a Week After the Oxford Sex Grooming Trial Begins - It Is Back To Bradford !

It is Less Than Two Weeks Into the Oxford Sex Grooming Trial
and the West Yorkshire Police Announce More Than 30 Arrests Across
the Bradford Area in the Last Two Months !
Yet still the authorities deny that there is a racial element to these cases;
In the on-going Oxford trial all the defendants are Asian (so-called British Asians)
or as the Politically Correct prefer to describe them men of 'Pakistani-heritage.'
The unfortunate victims are all under-age white British girls - but still these are not regarded
as racially motivated crimes by the police, social services, child-protection agencies and political leaders.  That would of course open the door to accusations of 'racism'.
Now in the latest Bradford arrests - only made public because a Conservative MP asked awkward
questions, otherwise it would not have become public knowledge - all the indications are that as in previous under-age, sex grooming cases of this type - the sex-criminals are once again Asian men and the victims are under-age white British school girls.
Not racially motivated ?
Why are these cases not racially motivated? The perverts who were convicted in the Rochdale/Heywood case; the Derby case; the Sheffield case; the Leicester case; and in the current Oxford case are all from one specific ethnic and religious community.
Their victims are from the host community - the perpetrators do not select victims for grooming, raping, trafficking from their own ethnic/religious groups, they avoid that - so is that not the criminals being racially selective about their victims?
The authorities say not.
British Movement thinks differently - BM thinks that these particular cases are racially selective crimes against OUR white British community.
But in the interests of 'diversity' and 'community cohesion' - political interests and community sensitivity over-rides the truth and the pursuit of justice.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

All the More Need to Build A National Socialist Media

Today is January  27th - which under our current 'democratic' system has been classed as 'Holocaust Memorial Day'. It is a day when all the British news media (and probably the news media across the Western World) will run news-clips, interviews and so-called 'human interest' stories about events in Europe over 70 years ago. It is an opportunity once again to denigrate the National Socialists of the time, to castigate the Third Reich and its leadership, to vilify the German people of that period (plus all those who allied themselves to the National Socialist cause - these days the supporting cast of villains includes Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Hungarians, White Russians, assorted Serbs, Croats, Poles, Slovenes and Slovaks, the list goes on and on).

There is a very real need to develop and build an alternative National Socialist news media -  in all formats, the printed word, web-sites, blog spots, on-line forums, DVD's, CD's, film and sound.
The Holocaust is used as a weapon to silence discussion and analysis of history and geo-politics. It is the means by which repressive laws are used to imprison and prosecute 'doubters' in France, Germany, Austria and elsewhere. Brave outspoken individuals like Sylvia Stolz (check her speeches out on You Tube).
In Britain, it is getting increasingly harder to give full public expression to National Socialism and it is a fine line that has to be taken when preparing British Movement literature to avoid expressing opinions or criticisms of 'minority groups' which might be deemed by hostile agencies to have caused 'offence' or 'incited racial or religious hatred'. Britain is now beset by aggressive and punitive laws;
the assorted Race Relations acts, the Public Order Acts and subsequent laws on incitement. There is no right to freedom of speech in UK law.
As bad as this is, it comes no where as severe as Germany and Austria, where expressing National Socialist ideas is a crime. On January 10th Austrian NS activist Gottfried Kussel was sentenced to 9 years in prison for promoting National Socialism on a web-site, the server was based in the USA so German and Austrian authorities sought the active collaboration of the American Government in this case. Nine years for a non-violent expression of political beliefs !
Gottfried Kussel was jailed for 9 years - his two 'accomplices were jailed for 7 years and 4 years respectively - for Thought-Crimes!

This is why in Britain and across Europe we must build an alternative National Socialist news media, to challenge the dictatorship of our collective 'democratic' governments and their corrupt politics.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Political Correctness - Big Brother Tactics on Our Language

Political Correctness - the BBC Censors re-runs of 'Fawlty Towers'
because of 'outlawed words'
In today's edition of the 'Guardian' - the broadsheet newspaper beloved of Britain's political Left and soft-liberal centre, there is an article in the G2 supplement that lifts the lid on the powers of the 'Politically Correct'.
This particular act of control centres on re-runs of the 1970's classic comedy series ;Fawlty Towers' which starred comedian John Cleese as a manic hotel owner in Torquay.
The episode that the BBC seek to re-cut is a 1975 episode called 'The Germans' - famous for the Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) line - "Don't mention the war !"
However, it is not the jokes about the war or Germans that the BBC object to.
The BBC want to cut a scene in the same episode where the Basil Fawlty character is in conversation with one of the hotel's residents, the character Major Gowen, a crusty old retired army officer. Major Gowen is telling Cleese about visiting a Test cricket match in the company of a young woman who insisted on "referring to the Indians as Niggers!"
The Major was outraged at this and corrected her by saying. "No, no. no! - the West Indies are the Niggers. These are the wogs!"
The BBC says that it wants to cut this scene because of the use of what it calls 'outlawed words'.
'Outlawed words' - a concept straight out of George Orwell's '1984' - forbidden words.
The Marxist tactic of purging everyday English language of words that the politically correct find unacceptable is both censorship and political control of how ordinary people express themselves. The excuse used by the liberals and the Left is that they seek to discourage the use of words that might cause offence to racial and sexual minority groups.
But they have also pressured changes to other words and descriptions to suit their agenda;
they discourage the use of the term 'immigrants' to describe settled non-white communities,
these are now 'ethnic minorities.' 
People born as the result of inter-racial breeding must not be described as 'half-caste', no they are people of 'mixed-race' or better still in the PC lexicon - 'persons of mixed-heritage;.
Second generation non-whites become British-Asians or 'persons of South-Asian heritage';
second generation Asians are 'persons of Pakistani heritage' or 'Indian heritage', those from the West Indies are now 'African-Caribbean'.
The politically correct have spent the past few decades enforcing their PC agenda and have succeeded in influencing the training of teachers, social workers, local government workers,
nurses and health care staff, the police and prison services. Special courses on ethnic minority awareness, diversity, community cohesion etc. etc. etc.
The PC have now outlawed everyday words and words referred to as the 'vernacular' - it is now possible as a white working class British person to be arrested for describing an Asian as a 'Paki' or a wog, The PC brigade wring their hands because they have been unable to make the word 'nigger' illegal because black rap artists and black people refer to each other as 'Nigga' in street slang - but God help any white person using the word in public!
Outlawing words is just one weapon in the imposition of the Marxist world order - the dictatorship of minorities over the majority. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Britain Awake ! - Is Britain Going to Be Drawn Into A North African War

Is Britain Going to be Drawn into a War in North Africa?
All the warning signs are appearing after the crisis in Algeria at the Amenas gas plant.
Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a 'warning' that the "terrorist threat" from the Islamic militants in Algeria and surrounding Saharan Africa is similar to that in Afghanistan ten years ago when British troops were first sent out to Helmand.
There are dangerous signals coming out of Downing Street - first it was military transport assistance to French forces being deployed against jihadist rebels in Mali. Now after the jihadist raid on the Algerian gas installation Cameron is making comparisons to Afghanistan after 9/11.
This is the same path that dragged British troops into the first Gulf War, then into Iraq again, then into Afghanistan a decade ago. Those military involvements stirred up Islamic militants into terrorist attacks in London - if David Cameron drags Britain into a 'War on Terror' against the jihadists in Algeria - it will bring further British military casualties in another foreign war that Britain cannot win and create even greater hostility from the Islamic world.
These are dangerous waters that the British Prime Minister is stepping into. 

British Movement - Our Total Opposition to Multi-Culturalism

This is another unwanted by-product of a multi-cultural society
This is yet another example of why British Movement is totally opposed to a multi-racial,
multi-cultural Britain.
Over the past 10 years there has been an unhappy series of court cases involving gangs of Asian men grooming and sexually exploiting, raping, abusing and trafficking under-age British girls.
This is not a matter of culture clash or a mis-understanding of British laws.
The current Oxford case is littered with the same sordid details as previous cases in Rochdale, Heywood, Derby, Sheffield, Blackburn, Leicester, Keighley and elsewhere.
There will always be sex offenders in the British population BUT given the percentage of the British population taken up by Asians/Asian decent - the numbers involved in these cases is disproportionate. Even Jack Straw Labour MP for Blackburn has commented on this problem.
But for British National Socialists it is just one unwelcome facet of a multi-cultural society.
Even die-hard defenders of a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain have to face the fact that if these people had not been allowed to settle in Britain - this particular problem would not exist. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


                        NSM     Trafalgar Square July 1st 1962                         BM/BNSM        Britain 2013

                                 BRITAIN AWAKE !
The message remains the same - the British people have been deceived by establishment politicians and institutions since the 1950's about immigration, race and the racial make-up of the UK population.
Now the latest population statistics make for grim reading, released in December 2012 the figures for the British population census for 2011 not only show that the white British are now a racial minority in London, but also that in Luton and Leicester the white British are now officially less than 50% of the city population. Worst of all is the situation in Slough, Berkshire. where the white British make up a mere 35% of the town's population.
The white British need to wake up and take a serious look at this situation - they do not have to accept this situation as inevitable or permanent. History proves that things can be changed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

University Setting Up Sets Up Centre to Study Threat of 'Far-Right'

January 2013 -  Teeside University
Teeside University has announced the development of a new centre of studies called,
The Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies.
Unbelievable at this time of education cuts, greater elitism in higher education and even greater emphasis on 'political correctness' in British education.
According to an official press release, the new centre will be led by two noted  academics Professor Nigel Copley and Dr Matthew Feldman - no statements on their own particular political standpoints but we can be pretty sure that they are left-leaning and anti- fascist.
The study centre claims it will focus on what it terms  "the extremist far right, with a particular focus on the increase in violent anti-Islamic sentiment and the possibility of a lone-wolf, Anders Breivik type of attack."
The Anders Breivik example seems to be used to justify all so-called anti-racist/anti-nationalist
activity and legislation, plus State surveillance, across Europe and the UK.
Anders Behring Breivik was of course not a National Socialist nor even a genuine racial-Nationalist.
NS Outlook will look again at how the academic world in the UK continues to treat the racial Nationalist movement and how it demonises those who seek a racially focussed political alternative.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

British Movement blogs

If you are interested in what British Movement is saying;

Google these blogs

British Movement Anglian Division

Ulster Sunwheel

Young Wolf14  - blog for the British Movement Youth Section

Hail Victory !

BM Sunwheel Office Team

British Movement - British National Socialist Movement

This blog is intended as a supplement to existing BM/BNSM blog-sites (listed below) it is also a support for the BM Web-site ( which is currently down for re-construction and repair after repeated cyber- attacks by those who would deny BM an outlet on-line.
It is time that those forces who oppose BM here in Britain realised that there are still many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of White British citizens who do not accept the imposition of
multi-culturalism on our country.  As British National Socialists we are ideologically opposed to this forced change being made to the population make-up of our nation.
This is not about hatred for other races and cultures, but a demand that our own racial group be recognised and respected and our culture and traditions are respected and protected.
The White British must not become extinct in our own country, our historic, ancestral homeland.
Already, in the closing months of 2012 the latest official population statistics show that the population of Greater London is no longer indigenous British - the White British are now effectively a racial minority in the capital city of their nation.
This situation is wrong and must be reversed.
The leftist/liberal drive to make Britain multi-racial and multi-cultural is driven by the ideological
agenda of the few and has imposed an unwanted population change on the majority population of  what might be called the 'native British'.
The time has come to reject the tyranny of the liberal/leftist minority,