Thursday, August 15, 2019

The White British Will Be An Ethnic Minority By 2060 - Unless You Act Now!

The White British to Become the Ethnic Minority in Britain
by 2060 
This is the future for our children
Our Grandchildren
and What Kind of Future for
Our Great Grand children?
This is what is meant by the Great Replacement
Statistics from a range of both official and academic sources on population demographics in the United Kingdom, are now predicting that the non-White population will outstrip the indigenous White British ethnic group as the majority population by 2060. Previous predictions from a decade ago predicted the change by 2100 based on figures at the time, however changing immigration figures and birth rate patterns have accelerated this estimation.
This is why British Movement campaigns
the Fourteen Words!

If all YOU do is complain but fail to take action then this decline cannot be halted and reversed.
If you believe in the Fourteen Words get out there and campaign for the future of our Folk!

Good News For Once
Google Has Restored 'BM NS Voice'  Blog
The BM Sunwheel Office will be resuming the posting of news and images on 'BM NS Voice'.

The Politically Correct Strike Again !

Meanwhile in Manchester

Mercian Volunteers at work in Central Birmingham

The British National Socialist revolution will not build itself

Get Active !  Get Involved! 

Campaign for the 14 Words!

Monday, August 5, 2019

British Movement News and Views - end of July 2019

End of July 2019

Northern Nationalist
Live Music event
July 27th 2019

A live set by 'Whitelaw Unplugged' entertaining a pan-Nationalist audience. 

British Movement Women's Division  - 'The Vixens' sales table at the gig
Plenty of British Movement literature and BMWD craft materials
on sale at the gig.

British Movement Women's Division
'The Vixens'

Under the Sunwheel
The British Movement Pod-cast
Episode 20 and Episode 21
Listen Now on BitChute

Southern Division British Movement
Covers the South Coast including Wessex region.
SDBM can now be contacted on Telegram

Mercian Volunteers
Central Birmingham

The Great Replacement Continues
Latest Official Figures Show That Between January 1st and July 31st 2019
48,047 Non-White 'Migrants Crossed the Mediterranean and Landed in Europe.
Figures also show that the White birthrate of Europe and Britain continues to fall.