Saturday, July 27, 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions - Late July 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions
Late July 2019

Yet Another Attack On Freedom of Speech and Political Opinions.  
Facebook, Google and Twitter are building a database of people they label as "agents of Hate".
These are people who allegedly regularly publish or access 'Far-Right' material on the internet and social media. The liberal and Marxist minds building such a database have decided that anyone who opposes multi-culturalism, opposes open borders, opposes non-white immigration, opposes Zionism, has anti-communist views, has revisionist opinions on the history of the Second World War, challenges globalism and internationalism and defends traditional values on the family and sexuality, is an 'extremist' and potential 'Far-Right' propagandist.
There has been no declaration as to how or where the planned 'Agents of Hate' database is to be used or what kind of agencies will be permitted to use the information.

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