Monday, July 8, 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions - July 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions
 - July 2019 -

The SNP is not only campaigning against Brexit but is increasing pressure for a second independence referendum to take Scotland out of the United Kingdom but tie it into the EU.
In addition SNP MP's together with the Greens and Scottish Labour are campaigning to make the Home Office grant an 'amnesty' to over 300 failed asylum-seekers who are dure to be evicted from Serco controlled housing in Glasgow.

Meanwhile in West Yorkshire
This is the kind of attack against British culture and Customs that is funded by a local council, in this case Kirklees Council.

Enriching Bradford too...

This Does Not Just Apply to Glasgow !

Meanwhile the Mercian Volunteers take the BM message
 into Central Birmingham

In Australia Resistance is Growing to Multi-culturalism
Especially in the cities of New South Wales


  1. Another good post from the BM Sunwheel team. I particularly liked the miscengenaration is murder poster. I was disgusted by the comments of the Muslim councillor over halal meat, and the caption below was very true.

  2. We keep hearing from the Remainer media, radio stations etc that Real Brexit, leaving the EU with no deal, will mean the eventual break up of Britain. What these scaremongering lefties won't tell you, that Sturgeon having her tantrum demanding another Indie vote, needs Westminsters MPs to vote in favour for such another Scottish vote. So it ain't going to happen. So ignore those doom merchants. From a Pro Scottish-British, Scotsman