Saturday, July 27, 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions - Late July 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions
Late July 2019

Yet Another Attack On Freedom of Speech and Political Opinions.  
Facebook, Google and Twitter are building a database of people they label as "agents of Hate".
These are people who allegedly regularly publish or access 'Far-Right' material on the internet and social media. The liberal and Marxist minds building such a database have decided that anyone who opposes multi-culturalism, opposes open borders, opposes non-white immigration, opposes Zionism, has anti-communist views, has revisionist opinions on the history of the Second World War, challenges globalism and internationalism and defends traditional values on the family and sexuality, is an 'extremist' and potential 'Far-Right' propagandist.
There has been no declaration as to how or where the planned 'Agents of Hate' database is to be used or what kind of agencies will be permitted to use the information.

Is This Really Great Britain's Capital City?

BMWD - British Movement Women's Division

BM Message on the Streets

Mercian Volunteers Take the Bus ......

Saturday, July 20, 2019

British Movement - The Cause Continues - 2019 Summer time

2019 - Summer Time
While most of our countrymen and women take their summer holidays, there is no rest from the pressures our enemies, racial, ethnic and political opponents put on our country.
The 'Great Replacement' does not take a summer break, the invasion of Britain and Europe by the surplus population of the Third World does not stop, the betrayal of Brexit does not take a summer break, and the assault on our freedom of speech and political thought continues.

BMWD - British Movement Women's Division
'The Vixens'
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More Street Action From the Mercian Volunteers

Taking the British Movement message out into the streets of the West Midlands

And in France.....

July 12th 2019: Thousands of illegal immigrants and 'undocumented migrants' storm the Pantheon monument in central Paris to demand French citizenship.

Nordic Resistance Movement denounce immigration in banner protests.
Mass Immigration Means Genocide

'Passing on the Torch'
Young German Nationalists welcome elderly Waffen SS veterans to speak of their experiences and knowledge of National Socialism at Nationalist rallies and meetings.

Nordic Resistance Movement on the streets of Lund.

Setting the right kind of image in defying mass immigration and multi-culturalism in Europe

Summer Time Does Not Mean That The NS Struggle Takes A Break In The Sun

Monday, July 8, 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions - July 2019

British Movement Views and Opinions
 - July 2019 -

The SNP is not only campaigning against Brexit but is increasing pressure for a second independence referendum to take Scotland out of the United Kingdom but tie it into the EU.
In addition SNP MP's together with the Greens and Scottish Labour are campaigning to make the Home Office grant an 'amnesty' to over 300 failed asylum-seekers who are dure to be evicted from Serco controlled housing in Glasgow.

Meanwhile in West Yorkshire
This is the kind of attack against British culture and Customs that is funded by a local council, in this case Kirklees Council.

Enriching Bradford too...

This Does Not Just Apply to Glasgow !

Meanwhile the Mercian Volunteers take the BM message
 into Central Birmingham

In Australia Resistance is Growing to Multi-culturalism
Especially in the cities of New South Wales