Tuesday, June 25, 2019

British Movement - Views and News Round-up - End of June 2019

British Movement - Views and News 
End of June 2019

Under the Sunwheel - Episode 20
The Latest British Movement Pod-cast - Out Now on Bitchute
Blocked by You Tube - But Still Out There .....
 BM will not be silenced!

Meanwhile North of the Border
BM Scotland Continues to Campaign Against the Fantasy
of Sturgeon's SNP False Nationalism

Sunwheel Summer Camp
BM Northern Region Celebrates the Summer Solstice
June 21st - June 23rd 2019
*** We are waiting for images from the Sunwheel camp

Unfortunately this year plans for a Sunwheel Festival were put back when a site owner
backed out of arrangements with only a couple of months notice.
But, the now traditional Northern BM Summer Solstice camp went ahead and marked this important landmark in the British Folk calendar.

British Movement Blogs - Under Attack
'BM NS Voice' - now blocked for breaching Google rules on 'Hate'.
Even though our blog sites have always avoided publishing any material that would be deemed 'illegal' under the UK's draconian Race laws and Public Order legislation, it would appear that even our mild attempts to challenge the madness of multiculturalism and a multi-racial future are deemed as 'Hate' by the neo-liberals and Marxists at Google.

Are Worth Fighting For
We Cannot and Must Not Give Up the Struggle
for our Race and Nation


  1. The censorship by media giants and government show just how scared they are of our movement and message. We may still be in the small stages, but the can you imagine such panic 5 years ago? Certainly heading in the right direction.

  2. Keep up the good work British Movement

  3. BM should attend any Patriot rallie/demos/gatherings and hand out free leaflets in hope of increasing membership. Only if the British Movement grows via recruitment at those rallies, will it be a force once again. BM speakers should be made available to other organisations as guest speakers also

    1. BM activists do attend such events and do circulate BM literature to likely people. BM speakers are available to speak and frequently do speak as guest speakers at other Nationalist meetings.

  4. Does anyone know how to get a list of books sold by NS Press.

  5. Yes... e-mail your postal address to the BM Sunwheel Office and we will send you our current books sales list.
    BM Sunwheel Office team

    1. Hello hello! I live in America and I want to buy a couple books from you. But I have looked closely cannot locate your email address on this site.

    2. BM Sunwheel Office e-mail address is

    3. Hello, I've sent you email and did not hear back. Looking to buy a few books. My email is named "volksfront".

  6. You guys are pathetic!Your entire manifesto is deeply rooted from your resentment towards Islam and Asian culture! Shame on you for being so bigoted and disgusting!