Tuesday, June 25, 2019

British Movement - Views and News Round-up - End of June 2019

British Movement - Views and News 
End of June 2019

Under the Sunwheel - Episode 20
The Latest British Movement Pod-cast - Out Now on Bitchute
Blocked by You Tube - But Still Out There .....
 BM will not be silenced!

Meanwhile North of the Border
BM Scotland Continues to Campaign Against the Fantasy
of Sturgeon's SNP False Nationalism

Sunwheel Summer Camp
BM Northern Region Celebrates the Summer Solstice
June 21st - June 23rd 2019
*** We are waiting for images from the Sunwheel camp

Unfortunately this year plans for a Sunwheel Festival were put back when a site owner
backed out of arrangements with only a couple of months notice.
But, the now traditional Northern BM Summer Solstice camp went ahead and marked this important landmark in the British Folk calendar.

British Movement Blogs - Under Attack
'BM NS Voice' - now blocked for breaching Google rules on 'Hate'.
Even though our blog sites have always avoided publishing any material that would be deemed 'illegal' under the UK's draconian Race laws and Public Order legislation, it would appear that even our mild attempts to challenge the madness of multiculturalism and a multi-racial future are deemed as 'Hate' by the neo-liberals and Marxists at Google.

Are Worth Fighting For
We Cannot and Must Not Give Up the Struggle
for our Race and Nation

Friday, June 21, 2019

British Movement News, Views and Opinions - June 2019

British Movement News, Views and Opinions 
- June 2019 -

You Tube Removes All Sunwheel Studios (Under the Sunwheel) pod-cast service: but all the previous shows are available on Bitchute.

Removed from You Tube by You Tube

Other Grooming Trials in West Yorkshire are Ongoing
and it is unlikely that these will be the last.


British Movement :- the need to build a modern National Socialist alternative in Britain has never been greater.

Friday, June 7, 2019

After the Vote - Now What for UK politics?

After the Vote - Now What for UK Politics
The European Elections have ended.
The Peterborough by-election is over.
British Politics is Stagnated and the Mainstream Political Parties are Failing.

The British political system is in tatters and needs to be replaced. 
The mainstream political parties which form part of the 'Establishment' cannot make decisions, cannot make effective policy, are totally focused on the 'Westminster Bubble' with no regard to the rest of our country outside the M25 corridor, so they need to go.
 The time has come for a New Order - radical, revolutionary and determined;- the time has come for a new type of politics, a Folkish government which represents the real British people, a system that holds the Union of the United Kingdom together:- Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The time has come for a British National Socialist state to clear out the old political parties, to dismantle the failed multi-racial, multi-cultural society, to reverse 'diversity', break with the European Union and restore the United Kingdom to the indigenous White British.

Judge British Mainstream Politicians By the Company They Keep......

Below - The Kind Of Newspaper Coverage The Labour Party 
Try To Forget

And of Course Yet Another Face of the Labour Party

The Labour Party Claims it Stands for "Open, Transparency Politics "

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

National Socialist Women's Day - June 6th 2019

National Socialist Women's Day 
 June 6th 2019.

Once again British Movement salutes all National Socialist women and girls on NS Women's Day.

The Struggle continues to raise the Phoenix of National Socialism out of the ashes of a multi-racial society; National Socialist women are an essential part of the resurrection of our Folk, our Race and our Nation.

BMWD - British Movement Women's Division
'The Vixens'