Thursday, May 23, 2019

Swedish Government Minister Investigates to Make Display of Runes and Thor's Hammer a Crime.

Swedish Government Minister Investigates to Make Display of Runes and Thor's Hammer a Hate Crime.

Swedish Democrats - Minister for Justice launches investigation into criminalising use of Runic sysmbols, Runic alphabet and Thor's Hammer symbol in response to a request from World Jewish Congress (WJC) as part of a wider WJC campaign asking Swedish government to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). the WJC regards the NRM use of the Tyr Rune as a "Hate Symbol".
In the USA, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has already listed many Runic,Nordic/Germanic symbols including individual runes, the Black Sun and the Thor's Hammer as "Hate Symbols".

Swedish Minister of Justice, Morgan Johansson, a Social Democrat who has launched an 'investigation' into the possibility of making the use and display of Runes, the Runic alphabet and the Thor's Hammer  a criminal offence in Swedish law.

The NRM - Nordic Resistance Movement on parade.
The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is putting pressure on the Sewdish government to ban the NRM and to declare the display of the 'Tyr' rune an illegal 'Hate' symbol.
The Swedish Democrats would consider these images as possibly 'Hateful' and 'Criminal'.

This kind of Folkish display will become a 'Hate' crime if the WJC can convince the Swedish government to make new laws.

Footnote:  Toronto, Canada.

Toronto - a wooden plaque carved with double 'Sig-runes' has been reported as a 'Hate crime' by a Jewish resident in the area of the building.
The Toronto Police Hate Crime Unit is investigating.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Under the Sunwheel - Under Attack Again !

Under the Sunwheel
Under Attack Again !

Under the Sunwheel the British Movement pod-cast Episode 19 was put out on You Tube
on May 19th but within ten hours had been restricted.

You Tube restricted then blocked Episode 19
It is available on BitChute as are all the other blocked episodes of Under the Sunwheel.

Sunwheel Studios will not be silenced.
We will record and release Episode 20 in June.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Taking the National Socialist Message Out To The Public - May 2019

Taking the National Socialist Message Out
 To The Public 
May 2019

The Circus of 'Democratic' Politics
Here in the United Kingdom the process of electoral politics drags its way through the national news, the lack lustre mainstream political parties desperately try to maintain their grip on power and control. The Conservative Party is falling apart as the failing figure of a Prime Minister (In Name Only) struggles to control her cabinet and parliamentary group of MP's.
Brexit has broken the Tories and has exposed the sham of their promises to deliver Brexit while led by a 'Remainer' and Whitehall civil service opposed to leaving the EU.
The local government elections shook both the Conservatives and Labour Party as voters dumped unwanted councillors. Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP seeks to use the Brexit situation to split the Union and push for an 'independence' that will take Scotland out of the UK but make it a dependent province of the European Union.
In Wales Plaid Cymru tries to imitate the SNP and hopes to split Wales from the United Kingdom but to keep Wales in the European Union, even though the people of Wales voted mostly for Brexit in 2016.
In Northern Ireland the Marxist motivated Republicans of Sinn Fein seek to use a rejection of Brexit as a tool to break Ulster away from the  United Kingdom and want a second referendum as a device to create a united Ireland, achieving the Provos final victory behind the smokescreen of the Good Friday Agreement.
Back on the British mainland the Labour Party is torn between building the Marxist dream of a worker's socialist state led by Jeremy Corbyn and splitting the Labour Party over Brexit, with the 'remainer' Blairites leaving to join Change UK.
British politics is in chaos - hopefully this liberal-democracy system will soon collapse under the strains of its pluralist contradictions and the forces of racial Nationalism and National Socialism can begin the serious work of awakening the White British people and leading them out of the swamp of multi-culturalism, diversity and liberal-democracy,

The British Movement Message On the Streets of BELFAST
A few screenshots

Elsewhere On the Streets of Ulster

And on the streets of West Sussex



On the streets of Germany
Third Way march draws hostile media 'outrage' and condemnation of authorities from Jewish organisations for allowing this march to take place.

On the streets of Sweden
Nordic Resistance Movement - organised and disciplined