Friday, March 22, 2019

British Movement News and Views - Late March 2019

British Movement News and Views 
Late March 2019


While the current series of negotiations and voting in the House of Commons grabs the headlines and media attention, none of the UK's journalists are asking questions about other attempts to undermine Brexit.
There are rumours across social media that Prime Minister Theresa May, had last year, agreed an agenda with Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker by which her government would go through the motions of taking Britain out of the European Union, but would ensure that all attempts failed, so that eventually Article 50 would be revoked and Brexit would be abandoned as 'impossible to achieve.'
Meanwhile former Prime Minister Tony Blair has held a series of meetings with EU bureaucrats and more importantly with France's Emmanuel Macron where Blair urged Macron to do whatever was necessary to block Brexit. Blair has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to overturn the Brexit vote and to keep Britain in the European Union.

What Motivates the Left-Wing/Liberal  'Progressive Politics' 
Mentality ?

This happened in Milan this week
How Many UK Media Outlets Reported This Act of Terror?

An African employed as a school bus driver taking 51 Italian school children across the city from a school in the Crema district to a local gym. Along the route the African driver stopped the bus and poured petrol all over the inside of the bus and on some of the children. Some of the kids managed to use their mobile phones to alert parents and police as the crazed migrant drove the bus through city traffic. Police cars managed to intercept the bus and when confronted by a road block the migrant driver tried to ram his bus through before he set fire to the vehicle while all the children were still in their seats.
The migrant from Senegal later told Italian police that he did this as an act of revenge on Italians for all the migrants who drown in the sea trying to reach Italy.
Later police announced that the African migrant had been granted Italian citizenship in 2004, but should not have been employed as a school bus driver because he had previous criminal convictions for sexually assaulting a minor and also for drunk driving!
Now the Senegalese has been charged with kidnapping, attempted murder and terrorism.

The school bus burns after its African driver rammed through a line of vehicles and then set the bus on fire.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

More Media Over Reaction to the BM Message

More Media Over Reaction to the British Movement Message
Following on from recent media hysteria at BM propaganda
activities in Heanor, Derbyshire, we have more examples of contrived 'outrage' when BM stickers and posters appear on the streets.

Canterbury, Kent

This From Kent On Line
the caption is hardly accurate to this image!

And this from Arundel, West Sussex

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And on Another Matter.....

Finally at this time of year a reminder from our comrades
at British Movement - Scotland.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Heanor - Media Over Reaction and Leftist Hysteria

Media Over Reaction and Leftist Hysteria

Heanor in Derbyshire
A number of British Movement stickers have been distributed and displayed around Heanor in Derbyshire, an east Midlands town that has had a BM presence for years.
An on-line report focused on British Movement stickers and illustrated the piece with large full colour close up images of the 'offending' stickers.
If the reporter's intention was to reflect outrage and opposition to BM propaganda, then why did the Derby Telegraph go to so much trouble to show the details of several different stickers and slogans?

The Derby Telegraph really got so agitated about BM stickers appearing on lamp posts in Heanor, mostly around the Loscoe Road and Derbyshire Road area, that one of the news room reporters, Nigel Slater actually filmed the locations with a live commentary. The newsroom also contacted the BM Office with questions about this BM activity. Given previous experiences with the news media, our BM Sunwheel Office team declined to respond - BM does not give interviews or statements to the media, until such time as BM gets a fair and balanced report in the media.

This was just one of several images used by the Derby Telegraph to illustrate its report.

The BM Message Appears in Heanor
Not for the first time

On-Line Spite From Local Leftist

British Movement Getting the National Socialist Message
 Out Onto the Streets